Forge Basic Tips and Information

Forge Basic Tips and Information by Fauxie


All classes have a base amount of 1000/1000 Health on spawning, this includes tanks. Once a player reaches 0/1000 health they will die. Players may restore this Health amount by either visiting an active Heal Shrine (+250 Health Points) on the map or alternatively having a teammate that is a Shaman. All abilities in the game alter how you receive or lose Health, pay attention to it!

Energy and Mana
These two resources are equivalent but help differentiate between the casters and the physical DPS. These are the life-blood of playing fueling both movement (sprint), jump and any active abilities. You regain both of these by using your M1 ability and by a certain amount over-time. Careful management of these resources will benefit you greatly.

Below are the values for each class and their M1 return values (Base regen over time is 3/s):

15energy Gain

15energy Gain

15energy Gain

20energy Gain

20energy Gain

Class Basics:

She guards her team from incoming damage while creating havoc in enemy lines with stuns and powerful supporting spells
Best Against: Assassin
Worst Against: Pyromancer
TIP: Buff management is your key to success.

Vanish into the shadow world to surprise their clueless enemies. They excel at melee range combat while having the capability to take multiple targets out of the fight.
Best Against: Shaman
Worst Against: Pathfinder
TIP: Short engagements are your key to victory. Abuse the fact stealth has no fade time!

The only healing class currently implemented in the game. He uses HoT’s and Heals to keep his allys alive. Furthermore he is also able to Buff and protect his allys with a placable Dome.
Best Against: N/A
Worst Against: Assassin
TIP: Don’t waste time, use stopcast when your spells have a cast time and no target.

Medium range class which uses Bow and arrow to decimate his foes. He excels at small skirmishes with his ability to quickly enter and escape a fight.
Best Against: Assassin
Worst Against: Pyromancer
TIP: Do not panic in melee range, you have 4 types of CC, use them!

Extremely mobile, long distance caster who controls the element of Fire. He is able to deal massive amounts of AoE damage but is vulnerable to focused attacks.
Best Against: Warden
Worst Against: N/A
TIP:  Try to chain your abilities. Nothing is more satisfying then casting a Flame Wall onto a stunned and slowed enemy.

Class Damage Types

Warden, Assassin




Damaging Spell Types:

Homing Projectile
Effect: Must have a target before activiating it’s damaging component
Travel Time: Varies by Spell
Example: Pathfinder M1
Note: Homing Projectiles can be LoS’ed during their flight time to the target

Effect: Any spell without a travel time (cast times not included)
Example: Pyromancer M1, Any melee ability
Note: Instant’s still miss through Smoke Clouds

Placed AoE
Effect: A location is altered by the effect the player uses
Example: Dome of Protection, Fire Wall, Explosive Trap

Effect: Regardless of block state of the target the spell is still able to be cast
Example: Shadow Leap, Fire Wall, Charging Leap

Base Armor Values

Physical 27%
Nature 25%
Spiritual 17%
Magic 27%

Physical 30%
Nature 38%
Spiritual 17%
Magic 27%

Physical 17%
Nature 17%
Spiritual 22%
Magic 38%

Physical 25%
Nature 25%
Spiritual 38%
Magic 25%

Physical 49%
Nature 34%
Spiritual 34%
Magic 34%

CC Types

Slow: Puncture, Engulf, Caltrops, Spiritual Burden, Charging Leap
Effect: Slows the target
If Determined: Slows
Stack: Yes
This does not count towards Determined state

Stun: Shockwave, Disorienting Strike, Explosive Trap, Charging Leap
Effect: Stuns the target removing their ability to control their character for a short time.
If Determined: Player will be affected by damaging components only
Stack: No
This counts towards Determined state

Root: Pin Foot, Bola
Effect: Removes the players ability to move and alter their camera. Actions can be performed.
If Determined: Slows the target
Stack: No
This counts towards Determined state

Knockback: Shield Storm, Flame Burst, Bola
Effect: Knocks the player back a short distance.
If Determined: Player will be effected by damaging components only
Stack: Yes
This does not count towards Determined state

Blind: Blinding Arrow
Effect: Alters the players vision to negatively effect their performance.
If Determined: No change to effect
Stack: Yes
This does not count towards Determined state

Plane Shift: Shadow Shift
Effect: Removes the player from the standard area of play and prevents AoE, pbAoE, Lock-On and Auras from all players not within this new temporary area of play.
If Determined: No change to effect
Stack: No
This does not count towards Determined state

Lock Out: Stand Ground
Effect: Does not allow the player to perform any actions but movement for a short period of time
If Determined: No change to effect
Stack: N/A
This does not count towards Determined state

Disorient: Disorienting Strike, Smoke Bomb
Effect: Prevents the next player action from effecting any target regardless of team status
If Determined: No change to effect
Stack: Yes
This does not count towards Determined state.


Current system implemented to prevent CC chains that would otherwise last too long. Standard classes reach Determined state after receiving 80 Determination (consecutive) points from qualifying CC, Tanks must receive 100 Determination points. These points decay at the rate of 6/s and will decay regardless of whether Determined state has been achieved. During the Determined state you are unable to be knocked back or stunned, roots become slows and all other forms of soft-CC still work.

It takes 3s of loss of character control before Determination comes into effect.


Blocking is done by holding down right click. It reduces movement speed by 50% and allows abilities in a ~45degree angle to be negated completely. Blocking reduces your maximum energy by 10 for the initial hit and then begins to add a stacking amount of damage. You are incapable of blocking DoTs that have already been placed on you.

Successful blocks appear as a green shield, you may block once before you begin taking damage for each additional hit. There are spells in the game that have unblockable properties, make sure you are aware of them!

An enemy successfully blocking your abilities will put a red shield over the ability icon on your bar. Blocked spells cost energy/mana and go on cooldown. Unblockable spells will still display a successful enemy block regardless.

Spell Lock-On

On activation of any spell with a cast time, the target in the aiming circle is chosen and locked onto. Unless you Cast-Cancel or fail to have this player in LOS once the cast time finishes, the spell will activate as intended. In order to lock onto a player you DO NOT require LOS. You DO require LOS to finish the spell though. With this in mind please take a look at the following video:


Miscellaneous Information

  • This game has no RNG. (Crits/ %Dodge)
  • This game has a very specific aiming system and does not require you to lead targets. All “Arrow” style spells are homing projectiles, all spells with cast time are currently “instant” once cast ends.
  • Jumping and Wall Jumping both require energy to prevent bunny hopping. A player at 0 energy can still hop at the cost of any energy they are regaining.

Progression, Leveling, Spell Alternatives, Customization

Currently FORGE has a leveling system. Experience points are accumulated by participating in multiplayer games and fulfilling Medal requirements. Medals give experience points based on the Tier they correspond to.

Armor Points allow you to shift 5 (3 Currently) points of armor from one armor type to another

Customization Points allow you to trade values between three categories: Speed, Energy/Mana, and Armor

  • Each point in Armor is worth 60 Armor
  • Each point in Speed is worth 1.5% base Speed
  • Each point in Energy is worth 5 Maximum Energy


(Sale Prices listed, subject to change.)
20$ – Access to Closed Beta + Founders Title
30$ – Everything Above + 5 Skins + 1 Year of new content FREE
60$ – Everything above + All new content ever released FREE
60$ – 4 copies of FORGE + 5 Skins for each player

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