Firefall Thumping Detailed Guide

Firefall Thumping Detailed Guide by MjrBedHead

In this guide, I will tell you how to Thump in a squad, ranging from Stock – Advanced Thumper in as much detail as I can.

With that being said. It is up to YOU to implement the information given.

Stock Thumping – This is the easiest of them all. Requiring up to 1-2 player’s to squad up and thump (mine) for precious minerals.

When stock thumping, you are probably new to the game, as this is the first Thumper you are given. Stock Thumping can be done on you’re own, not highly recommended but it is possible. You tend not to see Terror Claws, Rage Claw’s or anything that will really harm you when doing this Thumping. At most it may be a Hisser, Toxic Aranhan’s Worker, Shell-Less Hisser, Tidal Scavenger, Icy Aranha, or a Geyser Aranha. The one to look out for most of these is the Geyser Aranha, as this insectoid will throw you in the air when killed if you walk over it’s dead body or get to close. The second being the Icy Aranha as this one will freeze you and slow you’re movement. The third being the Tidal Scavenger, low-HP flyer. More so just really annoying and can attack from a distance and tends to move around it’s target.

Improved Thumping – This is the next step up from Stock Thumping. When thumping with an Improved Thumper, you are required to have at least 2-4 player’s. This is highly recommended you follow the idea that when it says “2-4” players. You have that, if not more.

Now you move on to the Improved thumper. This section will require more detail, as you will have more player’s in a squad. This also mean’s you You Will Need To Work As A Team, other wise you will notice that you’re thumper will be at 30% Capacity, while it’s Integrity (HP) is fastly reaching the 0% mark. In which case it will be destroyed and you will have to spend the resources and time to re-print another Improved thumper.

Now, with that being said. Improved Thumping adds some new monster’s you will have to battle against and defend you’re Thumper. These new beats will be the: Culex (A.K.A Rocky Mosquito), the Aranha Seiger,Explosive Aranha, Terror Claw, Rage Claw, and Spitter Thresher(Can be found in Stock thumping, just not as prevalent).

I can’t say what Battle Frames will be in you’re squad, therefore I will leave it up to you to again Implement The Information Given In This Guide Yourself.

Although small, Explosive Aranha’s will be you’re most deadly enemy. I would expect others to dis-agree, but when they amass and you and you’re team do not kill them first, they will demolish all Player’s and Thumper’s in their path, with ease. You’re next two (2) worries are going to be the Rage Claw, and Terror Claw. These beat’s curl up in there shell’s, and run ramped around the area in which you are Thumpin’, rolling over everyone and everything. Now, the Rage Claw will be the most worry some. When the Rage Claw, pauses for a moment to turn around, it fling’s a Fireball at a target doing a substantial amount of damage to who it hits, along with some splash damage to other’s in the splash-damage area. These two “Claw Named Beats” don’t show up instantly, so the threat isn’t AS high, but it does linger. So Be Prepared. Those are you’re Three (3) main worries when it comes to “Brutal Waves Of Death”. Improved Thumping also has more monster’s coming at you wave after wave. While there isn’t a Rage Claw or Terror Claw YET; Spitter Thresher’s and Seiger Aranha’s will lay waste to you’re Squad & Thumper from a distance. Thus becoming quite the formidable opponent. You must watch the out-skirts of you’re “Thumping Area” as they will be Very High-Risk to you’re Squad and Thumper.

Advanced Thumping – The hardest of them all. Requiring 4-5 player’s. (IF not more)

In this section, there will be a “lack” of information. Alot of which is said in the Improved Thumper section would be stated here as well. So I will leave out minor details and stick to what

I Would consider the “Best Facts / Information”
Advanced Thumping is the HARDEST instance to do in Fire Fall. This require’s the utmost responsibility from the Player’s in the squad. You Will Have To Work As A Team. There is no If’s, And’s, or But’s in this situation. You will constantly be bombarded by creature’s and if you lucky, the Chosen to may pop in and say hi. Explosive Aranha are extremely prevalent in Advanced thumping and can take out the entire squad in moments. You MUST Be Actively Aware Of You’re Surroundings.

I too noticed that another beast that needs to be added to the Advanced thumper section, The Reckless Thrasher i noticed this beast was found a lot in Advanced Thumping.

Tips and Tricks for Battle Frames:

This is for generalization purposes, I will not specify you – for example, ” You must be a Tier 2 Dragonfly Biotech, to do this and this” This is NOT the case. I will give partial examples of what you could and should do. It is up to you to figure out the rest.

Assault Frame – Alright, Assaults. You do a significant amount of splash damage. I personally do not have an Assault frame, but from being told. Your main weapon does a small bit of AoE. Not to mention you do have fire power. I would suggest that at least One (1) Assault Frame, simply stays on the outer edge’s of the Thumping Area where monster’s and beast’s spawn. This gives the team a fighting chance, Why? You can knock down some HP or kill off some of the problematic creatures before they reach the thumper, I.e Explosive Aranha, Sieger Aranha, Spitting Thresher. I noticed two (2) skills Assault Frames have. Their is a “Fire Walk”, and “Defensive Bubble” skill. These are both Great for protecting the Thumper Directly. The “Fire Walk” can remove remaining Aranha’s from Thumper, as well the “Defensive Bubble” can be cast around the Thumper stopping anything from getting close or damage being taken. This will Increase the chances of you’re team having a full capacity Thumper.

Recon Frame – This was a tough one to come up with an idea of what the Recon Frame could actually do. In Myhonest opinion the Recon Frame, should sit away at a distance, and just pick-off the larger beats. You can deal up to 500+ DMG to the monster’s. IF you are lacking a Biotech, or Assault. Can can use Reasonnating bolts around Thumper to remove Aranha’s. Specifically, you should take you’re time to remove Tidal Scavenger’s. Thrasher’s, and Sieger’s themselves will bombard the Thumper and Player’s. You act as a “Siege Weapon” you’re self when it comes to hitting from a distance with a high amount of DMG; lacking in splash damage.

Engineer Frame – Engineer’s, You are a support class in this instance This Does NOT Mean You Sit Cozy On A Rock Or Hill. Yes, protect and heal your turrets’, but you need to move and be a functioning help throughout. If you are a T2 with the Health and Ammo station, drop it close to Thumper, but not directly on. Make it an acceptable and accessible location for your Squad Mates.But, get out their and attack the monsters and creatures.

I NEVER EVER See Engineer’s place Turret’s in a Tactical Location

As a side note, I think Engineer’s should practice Turret Location’s during the Thumping. The best I can say is, Make a Triangle Shape, around the Thumper.

Biotech Frame – Biotech can play such an important role in Advanced Thumping. I can’t actually stress this enough. Its Very Important you heal your Squad Mates, As Well use you’re Healing Wave ability to clear the Thumper of excess Aranha’s. If no one Needs healing. Use it. In fact, use it to knock back just about everything. Every time you stop a Spitter Thresher or Sieger Aranha from attacking. You give the Squad time to kill them off and allow the thumper to get to Full Capacity, thus keeping it’s Integrity as high as possible at all times.

Dreadnaught Frame – Become the Tank. I hear a lot that the Mini-Gun sucks. Now this is a time it becomesVery useful. When you attack the creature’s they will attack you, not the Thumper. Bio’s can heal you If needed.You attacking them and taking threat away from the Thumper allows the Thumper to keep its Integrity, and work on getting full Capacity.

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