Firefall TDM Maps Guide

Firefall TDM Maps Guide by Mewmix

Here is a guide for all those looking to get into PvP, or just want some extra information on the current Team Deathmatch Map Pool. We currently have (in order of my memory does not denote balance):

  • Sunken Harbor
  • Oil Rig
  • Shanty Town
  • Moisture Farm

Screenshots of the overhead maps with locations of powerups and where teleporters take you inside the maps.
Please don’t argue about balance in thread but feel free to post about strategies, positioning and other such topics.
If you like what you see here please feel free to drop by my Army/Team’s page found here: PM me in game at: Brutality, or send me a PM.

Sunken Harbor

Alternate View

Map Features:

  • Three locations where the Double Damage powerup can spawn, high up locations so you are vulnerable when going for the Double Damage.
  • Single Ammo powerup located in the middle of the map inside the Ship.
  • Cooldown Reset powerup located on one side of the map – located below the rock slightly covered by terrain.
  • Two health powerups located on either side of the map, one on the water side, the other located under the bridge.
  • Two teleporters inside each base, (look like portals) which teleport to the locations, denoted by the red lines.
  • 5 ways out of each base, exit on each side, north, south, east, and west sides as well as an exit on the bottom, not including teleporters.

Shanty Town

I apologize for horrible pictures of this map, rather hard to get pictures because of the overhead trees.

Back End Pictures

Teleporter, from Spawn 1 in above image:

Teleporter, from Spawn 2 in the overhead shot above showing double damage spawner:

Map Features:

  • Only one location where the Double Damage powerup can spawn, at the back of the map in the long back alley between the two teleporters.
  • Two ammo powerups, above each teleporter.
  • Two health powerups located close to the exit of each spawn..
  • One teleporter per base, leading to the back alley far away from spawn as denoted by red lines in the overhead shot above.
  • Two exits per base, not including teleporters.

Moisture Farm

Double Damage Spawn Location Images

Map Features:

  • Two locations where the Double Damage powerup can spawn, high up locations so you are vulnerable when going for the Double Damage.
  • Multiple Locations with Healthpack and Ammo beside each other.
  • Cooldown Reset powerup located in the middle of the alley between the two intial spawn locations..
  • No fixed spawn locations after the initial spawns, you will be placed in a semi-random spawn rotation which may be next to opponents or near enemy turrets.
  • Two battleframe stations located at A and B locations

Oil Rig

Secondary Exit Screenshots

From Spawn A:

Door in the middle of this shot is actually a forcefield to the team who spawns on that side (not shown), ramp goes up to their main exits and ramp down to Wet Room.

From Spawn B there is a ramp down to the Wet Room:

Map Features:

  • No Double Damage powerup.
  • Two locations where there are 500 hp powerups and ammo one located on the side of the building, another in the “Wet Room” (not shown) in the lowest Basement of Oil Rig
  • Two distinct exits to each base, 2 exits which lead to the upper level of Oil Rig, another which leads towards the Wet Room
  • One Large health pack in the middle of the map inside the open cargo container.
  • Numerous locations where Recons can perch and get view of large portions of the map.
  • Two rails along the top of the map which you can run along to bypass the middle of the map quickly, but you must jetpack onto them.

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