Firefall Sunken Harbor Guide

Firefall Sunken Harbor Guide by PHDinAWESOME

Get 25 executions / bleed outs on the opposing team before they do.

What do I need to know?

  • Simply killing an opponent isn’t enough. You MUST execute them or they MUST bleed out for the kill to count towards the score.
  • There are powerups throughout the map, use them.
  • Stick together as a team. Don’t wonder off unless you’re sure you can survive on your own.
  • There is no time limit. Match ends when a team reaches 25 points.

What’s important?
Getting kills and not getting killed. Every time you bleed out or get executed, the opposing team is one point closer to winning.

How to play:
Travel in a group. Simply overwhelm your opponents. Divide and conquer when applicable and force them to split up. Class combinations are very important here because there’s only five players per side. Medics can change the tide of events quite handedly. Recons who can actually aim can be very deadly here. Use the terrain and objects to your advantage to block attacks, or to force your opponent up against a wall (figuratively and literally).

How to play Assault:
Be aggressive. You have good AOE / splash damage and high DPS (damage per second). You have good maneuverability and decent health pool. Sneak around to Recons and smash them before they even realize what happened. Focus fire medics down.

Do not be afraid to use cooldowns. Use them often. Hog the 2x damage multiplier to 2 shot, pretty much, every class (1 shot some). Try to get a high ground advantage against other Assaults (makes it hard for them to utilize their splash damage) and try to shuck and jive around Dreadnaughts (keep them spinning because it’s harder to aim and messes with their situational awareness). Medics are your friend. Don’t leave them in the dust unless you’re sure you can get the kill and make it back alive.

How to play Dreadnaught:
The primary role of the Dreadnaught is to draw a line in the sand. You want to pressure them constantly by using the range of your weapon coupled with the large ammo surplus to push them back and if possible, separate them. Good players will focus your medic, if you have one, so there’s really no way to soak damage like a good tank. However, if you and your medic can lure them inside the ship or around the rocks where you and your medic can use line of sight, then you can put them in a defensive position.

Make sure you have a medic with you and if there isn’t one, request someone to become a medic. Hug walls to use as line of sight blockers against Recons. Protect the 2x damage multiplier from falling into the opponents hands. With it, you’ll deal more damage than an unbuffed Assault and with a Medic, will drive them back to their spawn.

In enclosed areas, try to body block the opponents who are focusing your Medic. Keep them from being able to close the distance and if possible, absorb as much of the damage as you can by simply getting in their way.

How to play Medic:
Got Medic specific tips? Post in the comments and I’ll add it!

How to play Engineer:
Got Engineer specific tips? Post in the comments and I’ll add it!

How to play Recon:
Got Recon specific tips? Post in the comments and I’ll add it!

Tips and tricks:

  • There’s a 2x damage multiplier power up in the middle on top of the boat. Don’t let the enemy get it.
  • Sometimes it’s better not to execute opponents but instead let the downed opponent act as a beacon to lure out enemies in hopes of reviving their teammate.
  • Use bleeding out opponents to ambush the enemy.
  • Fill class roles that are missing (Medic/Recon/Assault/Dread).
  • Focus down healers first.

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