Firefall Split Mineral Stacks Workaround Guide

Firefall Split Mineral Stacks Workaround Guide by Zprotoss2

Ok. I just figured out a work around for resource splitting. Do the following steps to combine in bunches of 250 at a time:

1.) Store away 250 of the resources you need in the advanced MPU recipe and create (you have 15 minutes to cancel).

2.) Put the full stacks of the resources you’re using into the crystite hybrid blender. You will cancel this later.

3.) After step 2.), cancel the advanced MPU you began creating in step 1.)

4.) Create a new blending recipe with the 250 of each resource you now have neatly in your inventory.

5.) Cancel the first blending you started back in step 2.) to regain your full stacks as you blend your smaller amount.

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