Firefall Resources Basic Guide

Firefall Resources Basic Guide by Ced23Ric

So … resources.

We can’t stop here.

This is bat country I know. But don’t worry we have two bags of coralite seventy-five pellets of azurite five sheets of high-powdered silicate a salt shaker half full of ferrite and a whole galaxy of multi-colored quartzite bismuth crystite basalt … and also a quart of brimstone a quart of ammo packs a case of health pack … not that we needed all that for the trip but once you get locked into a serious ore collection the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

You just lost me.

Get back! Okay okay – that was a lot I know. But basically I have good news: Mine and Thump to your heart’s content! Just grab your scan hamster (Open your calldown menu with “C” (default) select Resource Gathering and select Scan Hammer) and smash the ground like you’re an Italian Plumber on his way up a steel girder. And by that I mean hit “4” (default). You then get treated a delicious show of waves which are your friend pal. Green is good red is bad. See how easy that flows off your tongue? Anyway you basically hit the ground and see what comes up. If there’s a message that you may not thump here because the Accord said so or the surface is borked just venture forth. Follow the waves until you find green. The more vibrant the better. You’ll get a feel for it. Hit the hammer again while you stand in green wave territory and wait. Because of the current lag this might just take a while. Eventually a scan report will pop up telling you what is in the ground and how much – in percent.

Percent of what?

Your life. Or if that answer s too universal for you your thumper. If you get a 65.43% Coralite node/spot/vein (Call it what you will really) you will receive 65.43% of the Thumper’s capacity in Coralite. The rest up to the full capacity of the Thumper will be Sifted Earth. It’s really easy if you think of it. All the numbers have their place and the percentage of the node tells you how thick it is. Quantity.

That kinda sounds like there is a quality denominator too. You are hiding something from me.

I wouldn’t ever. Quality is the superscripted number in brackets at the back of the name of the ore. For example Silicate [24] is a weaker quality than Silicate [535] which is in turn weaker than Silicate [743]. As a rough guide and comparision to other MMOs: double-digits are usually white quality 200+ is green quality 500+ is blue quality and 700+ is purple quality. The quality basically rates the potency of the isotope you found.

I skipped chemistry.

Higher numbers are better.

Okay got it. Which one is the best ore?

All of them. And I mean that. There is an application for all of these ores later on in crafting where all of them will be important one way or another. Really go out and thump whatever you like maybe try and keep an even balance but if you hit that 85.61% Brimstone [712] vein mine it until it bleeds. Thick veins of high-quality ores are rare and if you come across one give’em hell Malone.

Mommy said don’t play with blenders but I can blend ores right there. What gives?

Well here’s the problem. The world we’re in constantly changes (Boo Melding!) so do the isoto … the quality numbers. When you find Ore [746] and your stack of that ore is [743] you start a new stack because they are a (sightly) different type. With Ore Blending you can combine your differently sized stacks into one stack of one quality. It going to be the middle between the materials used depending on how much of which quality is in there. Right now it’s not really necessary though. Currently our ores are stable.


Okay now I got these uberawesome ores. The world is mine!

Well … no. For now just gather them and work your way through T1. Once you hit T2 we’re gonna talk about crafting. In T1 there is only so many things you can build and my recommendation is don’t build anything but an Improved Thumper or two some Ammo/Health packs and then gather your cash. You will need it. Resource Gathering for now isn’t too important in T1.

Wait you said Crystite up there. That’s … the in game cash isn’t it? You can mine that?

Yes and no. You can obviously shoot things up and Crystite falls out but that is slow and takes forever. If you want cash fast you take your least favourite ore and burn it with Crystite Refining. Quality has no influence on Crystite so burn all that trash ore first. You go up to the Molecular Printer (aka crafting bank) and select Crystite Refining (1 for a bit 2 for more) and click the ore slot. Now select an ore you have tons of or don’t feel like using and it’ll put it in there. Once the refining is done the ore is gone and you will receive pure Crystite. Boom Coralite [50] in the club!

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