Firefall Recon Nighthawk Build Guide

Firefall Recon Nighthawk Build Guide by Kaguya

Can’t really speak for the long run, since Recon is sure to change, as is the nature of PvE when the AI gets changed.

That said, currently Recon can be effectively played as a explosives expert.

Build I use is along these lines (Nighthawk frame — Raptor doesn’t get Kisuton Ammo (easily more damage than Astrek ammo does due to larger clips) nor Kisuton SMG, making Raptor less optimal):

Printed Omnidyne Sniper Rifle
– Printed Kisuton Ammo
Printed Kisuton Submachine Gun
– Printed Kisuton Ammo
Printed Kisuton Resonating Bolts
Printed Kisuton Long Range Charge

Those were the essentials, in addition;
Printed Astrek Plating
Printed Omnidyne Jets
Printed Omnidyne Servos
Omnidyne T2 Reactor

SMG is what you’ll be using the majority of the time to kill stuff. The sniper rifle is largely a explosives delivery system for the Resonating Bolts and taking down threats at range on the side (Explosive Aranhas when thumping, since the SR pierces multiple enemies, you won’t have much trouble dispatching explosive bugs from distance). Taking down juggernauts with a series of headshots is also useful (but remember to sprint about between mortar volleys, and try to keep mobile).

When thumping, activate Resonating Bolts and spam ~19 resonating bolts on/around the thumper, this will clear the thumper, and it can be used before you have anything on the thumper, used pre-emptively this can give you time to focus on other targets (when soloing). LR Charge can be used for similar purpose to clear out the thumper when need be.

For Chosen pods, throw in a charge, fire out the resonating bolts. If they were clumped by the pods, you should have just wiped out majority of them, and the remaining should be on low health so you can easily end them with the SMG or the rifle.

In general, I don’t really bother with charging the shots – it takes 4 seconds to get the max charge currently, which does around 580 damage as a bodyshot. In those same 4 seconds you could have fired around 15 shots from your rifle, even at no charge at all it’ll do 2250 damage as bodyshots.

Zooming is still beneficial – hipshots do ~100 dmg while scoped in shots with no charge do 150dmg.

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