Firefall Orbital Comm Tower Guide

Firefall Orbital Comm Tower Guide by PHDinAWESOME


– Offense –

  • Capture all three objective points quicker than your opponents.

– Defense –

  • Prevent the opposing team from capturing all three objectives.

What do I need to know?

  • Objectives take 5 seconds of holding ‘e’ to put into conflict.
  • Once in conflict, an objective takes 30 seconds to capture.
  • Objectives take 5 seconds of holding ‘e’ to reclaim objectives in conflict.
  • If there is 29 seconds remaining on the time limit and the last objective is not in conflict, you have lost that round (possibly the map).

What’s important?
The objectives. Plain and simple. They are the highest priority. If you find yourself fighting outside the objective room, then you’ve become a hindrance to your team. While there are isolated scenarios where you will want to leave the objective room on defense, or fight outside of it on offense, if you can’t name those scenarios while reading this, then you should always be inside an objective room.

How to play offense:
First and foremost, get the objectives. Your team should immediately bum rush objective A attacking from 4 sides (Top, front, right and back). Medics are vital to this. Medics should be defibrillatoring on cooldown without hesitation. Powerhouses should get priority (Assaults / Dreadnaughts / Shotgunners) because they will be the ones clearing the path. You need to be relentless with objective A. It’s an absolute priority to get past it and that can only* be done by simply overwhelming your opponents.

Once objective A is in conflict, two people should already be making their way to objective B while waiting for objective A to finish capturing. The rest of the team should be holding objective A. Once objective A is captured, the ones who went ahead should immediately be able to grab objective B. This can really set the defending team back because they don’t expect the objective to be taken so quickly.

When pushing objective B, turrets are the top priority because well set up, upgraded turrets will rip you to shreds. Your team should be attacking from all three sides (front, left, back) and the ones in the back should be cutting off reinforcements. Once again, as objective B is put into conflict, two people should go ahead to be ready to hit objective C while the rest hold objective B.

For the final objective, you need to be pushing the front and side hard. If most of your team is pushing those two points, you and a couple of others should sneak around back and hit their defensive line that is almost always camped on the upper ledge after the objective. Taking them by surprise can create the perfect opening for those pushing from the front to put objective C in conflict.

How to play defense:

  • As the map starts, you need to get turrets and healing stations set up at objective A.
  • WATCH THE OBJECTIVE. Many times I’ve taken objective A or seen it taken because the defense was up top or outside fighting and no one was watching it.
  • Being prepared for each wave is essential.
  • Watch the entry points at each objective. Cover open entrances. There are several ways to hit each objective. Pay attention to them. If someone is already watching one, watch another.
  • Find vantage points that allow you to see multiple entrances.
  • If you don’t think you can reclaim an objective in conflict, LEAVE IT. Fall back to the next objective and get defense set up as soon as possible. Wasting time trying to retake a lost objective means your defense at the next one won’t be as prepared.
  • If everyone is busy fighting while an objective is in conflict, TAKE IT BACK. You only have 30 seconds to reclaim it.

Tips and tricks:

  • If you’re on defense, there’s a 2x damage multiplier near the back exit of the offense. As soon as the round starts, grab it to prevent them from taking it. If an Assault or Dread is there, let them have it. They can clean up the first wave single handedly if used correctly.
  • If you’re on offense, try to grab the 2x damage multiplier near your base as often as you can. Let the damage dealers get it if they’re near by, they can wipe out the defense at objective A in one quick swoop.
  • Ignore the damage multiplier after objective A is taken unless you’re really struggling at objective B. It takes too much time to run back to get it.
  • If you’re having a hard time on objective A, try to get your team to lure several up top. This will thin the defensive line inside allowing another group to sweep in from the right or back and take it.
  • Don’t waste time chasing players. They are probably trying to lure you out.
  • There are multiple ways to leave the starting spawn when on offense. If you see the enemy setting up camp at one of the forward entrances, use the back exit down the ramp to flank towards the bridge.
  • There are two SIN towers that are accessible and make it easy to flag opponents on the SIN network (which makes the IFF [identification: friend or foe] system take hold, and allows turrets to acquire targets more quickly).

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