Firefall Dreadnaught PvE Build Guide

Firefall Dreadnaught (Mammoth Bomber) PvE Build Guide by Ced23Ric

1. Introduction & Goal.

Hello there, and welcome to a new series of guides. Now that I have a few frames to call my own, and after spending quite some time in the tank, I have come up with a few builds for frames I use. The first entry will get right into the thick: The Mammoth Bomber is a fast and agile Dreadnaught that uses himself as a volatile piece of hurt.

The goal is to turn the usually rather slow Dreadnaught into a fast-responder during Thumping session and a spearhead when on Chosen hunt. To achieve this, we’ll need to overcome the speed penalties this class has and give the frame the ability to put down the hurt at AoE – another thing the Dreadnaught isn’t that great at.

This build uses the currently available Ferrite 772, which is more common than Aranha Workers on a weekday. Reglith 493 can be used for Jets, but is not necessary. Some parts are deliberately printed with weak ores (such as Coralite 37, for example), to give them an edge over the unprinted versions without blowing the constraints. Nevertheless, the core principle does not rely on those ores and can be replicated with other ores, too.

2. The Build.

A quick run-down of the requirements:


  • Tech Level: Tier 2
  • Frame: Dreadnaught Class, Omnidyme-M Mammoth
  • Unlocks needed:
    • Astrek HMG
    • Astrek Ammo
    • Kisuton or Omnidyne-M Repulsor Blast
    • Astrek Teleport Shot
    • Accord Absorption Bomb
    • Kisuton Plating
    • Astrek Jumpjets
    • Kisuton Servos


  • Primary Weapon: Astrek HMG (Ferrite 772)
  • Primary Ammo: Astrek Ammo (Ferrite 772)
  • Secondary Weapon: Accord Grenade Launcher
  • Secondary Ammo: Accord Ammo

We’re saving constraints on the secondary – given the speed this build has due to other factors, our HMG should almost always be in range. With a reload of 2.7s and a clipsize of 383, you should experience little downtime.


  • #1: Kisuton Repulsor Blast (*)
  • #2: Astrek Teleport Shot (*²)
  • #3: Accord Absorption Bomb

Teleport Shot is our gap-bridger and 1000dmg “snipershot”. Takes some practice to get used to. Repulsor Blast is a quick wipe and AoE, Absorption Bomb can cover a reload, distract or obliberate a thick group of hostiles.


  • Reactor: Omnidyne-M Reactor
  • Specialty: none
  • Plating: Kisuton Plating (Ferrite 772)
  • Jumpjets: Astrek Jets (*³)
  • Servos: Kisuton Servos (**)

We need the added power to support the Absorption Bomb, which gives us some issues with weight, but the Accord GL/Accord Ammo makes up for it. The rest gives us 12.2% damage reduction, a good chunk of hitpoints and 13hp/s regeneration. We’re dropping the speciality (1.5%DR, 50HP, 3hp/s reg) because it weighs 925kg – don’t have room for that. The servos get us around faster, the jets can be used for hoversprinting or getting a better angle for Teleport Shot.

*: You want the largest radius possible here, given your ores.
*²: Printing is optional, but might need to be unprinted. The Repulsor Blast is more important.
*³: Print these as good possible – they are our secondary means of movement. Regolith 493, if you have it.
**: You want these to add as much Run Speed as possible – 0.6 m/s or 0.7 m/s would be good.

3. Playstyle

The Mammoth Bomber is basically a teleporting package of trouble. Given Chosen Droppod A and angry Juggernauts B to F, you fly above them until you are in range for Teleport Shot (around 75m). Using Weapon Range really helps there. Then, as you teleport in, you trigger Absorption Bomb, and the Chosen will blast you. When the Bomb goes off, the ~6000 damage or more should take out the majority, and a quick Repulsor Blast gives you the breathing room to get out and wipe out the rest.

When Thumping, your best option is to use Teleport Shot to get close to chunky targets, like Treshers, or to finish off Siegers/Stormers. You can also one-shot Tidal Scavengers or do a 1-2 punch for Terrorclaws, with Teleport Shot and Repulsor Blast, which takes a good chunk out of Terry. Absorption Bomb optional – but make sure Terry is between you and the Thumper so he shockwaves away from it. Your HMG chews through targets, Repulsor Blast eats Aranhas for breakfast. Absorption Bomb can cover a reload or, more importantly, take the fire of the Thumper for it’s duration, as it has a taunt that draws the mobs to you instead of your precious Thumper. Remember, Absorption Bomb has a fairly long runtime, so make sure someone else guards the Thumper, too. Not a solo ability while Thumping.

Play fast and agressive, stay in the thick (the 12%DR helps a lot with that) and use your abilities whenever you can. Especially Teleport Shot’s 1000dmg are nothing to sneeze at. Don’t save it for later, use it. The combined abilities and HMG should give you a high damage output and always something to shoot at. Don’t be afraid to get further away from the Thumper – Teleport Shot gets you home fast, even if you use it on a puny Aranha to travel. With added runspeed from fast servos and strong jets, you should always be able to get around. Just make sure you don’t use Absorption Bomb when you don’t have anything to distract or kill with – because during that time, you’re immobile and cannot shoot. You can reload, though.

Give it a try, maybe you like.

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