Firefall Basic Crafting Walkthrough

Firefall Basic Crafting Walkthrough by Ced23Ric

The jets are made for jumping.

How do I even craft?
First of all, you need to get to Tier 2. Here is how and why. And then, you need to unlock item templates in the progression tree. Once you have done that, we’ll go on.

Okay, now I got to T2 and I want to craft an epic laser rifle of insta-gibbing +5.
Whoa, the Prussians don’t shoot that fast, let’s cover how you can craft before we dive into this headfirst and bump our tiny little melons on the pool floor. First of all, you need a base template. Omnidyne-M, Kisuton and Astrek all offer those. You unlock them with XP in the T2 tree, as you progress through it. Generally speaking, if given the choice, rather take an item you haven’t unlocked before, rather than taking a different version, so you can acquire boosted gear more quickly. You will notice that they come with property modifiers, Such as:

– Rate of Fire
– Damage
+ Reload Time

Now you think: “Sweet, that gun reloads faster, but does less damage and shoots slower. That gun is poop, and I will move on!” – and you could not be further from the truth. Here is how these properties work. All items have almost the same base stats in between each other, based on the Accord version. They then get their modifiers applied, and start in some sections with reduced values. Except that these modifiers come into play again when you add certain ores and can very well end up being positive again.

What you just said is like backbuttwards.
Think of it as ore attribute modifiers. For example, you can alter RoF/Splash and Range on a given gun. Now you go to the Molecular Printer, scroll down, and select the gun template you unlocked. Then, you scroll down in the left portion of the gun template, and you then see three properties you can alter – RoF, Splash and Range, in our example (which is purely fictional at this point). Now each property has affnity percentages. Maybe RoF is most altered by Conductivity 70%, and least by Reactivity 5%, whereas density doesn’t even show up and can be neglected. Now, if you want a fast firing gun, you build the gun with a very conductive, reactive ore. Click on Crystite Hybride, and scan through your stuff. You might be surprised that lower grade or of one kind can produce way better results than higher grade or of another kind.

Basically, you need to find out what the most important properties are to you, and then pick the best template and best ore to suit these demands. Depending on the ore, you can easily mitigate the negative modifiers and come out positive, too. That is why I previously said, thump to your heart’s content. Every ore has it’s place and can be used, either in guns or gear. Read and understand the values, take your time, no one is rushing you. Imprinting gear takes 20 seconds, that’s nothing. As you progress, you unlock different base models, that may or may not ask for different ores. Don’t assume they are always the same, there is no “best ore” – they are all useful.

Okay, I got this super-fast shooting gun of wicked destruction now. But what about those constraints?
Basically, you need to make sure that your balance between CPU, Weight and Power levels out. You cannot overstrain one of those, or the ‘frame will not function. Stay within levels. When you craft gear, you will see their consumption/necessities, which you can then compare to your garage values. Maybe you need to write it down, I don’t know – I think I will, as I go on. Sometimes, it might be necessary to use lower grade ores to meet these levels, or you need to switch some parts around, but you should be able to build quite the unique frame with this system.

Okay, cool. I want epic purple items and you are going to give them to me.
Nothing easier than that. You take the base template of your affection and use 700+ quality ore. Boom, epic item like a baws. If you don’t have ore of that quality, or you have purple ore of a kind that doesn’t give you good stats, the hunt is on, my friend. Go out there and thump it up. Other than that, PvP gives high-grade ore, too.

Wait, are you saying blue ore might be better than purple ore? Heresy!
Oh yes, my friend. Even a green ore with the right properties can be better suited to your needs than a purple item with a different ore. Better look at those values closely. Luckily for you, crafting is free, save for the ore used up and the 20 seconds wait. You can craft as many items as you wish, so if you come across better ore, you can craft better items, too, and replace the ones you built before.

Yeah, well, but if my gun is purple, it sure gets other awesome perks. Like laser-guided bombs.
Just that it doesn’t. Here is how item rarity is calculated: The higher the values of your gun deviate from the start values, the higher the rarity. But as the deviation is not caused by ore quality, but ore type, yu may not always get a purple item from purple ore – you need to find, basically, the ore with the highest impact in the highest quality to make highest rarity items. And those are truly rare.

So, no new stuff for cooler ores?
Nope. Just better stats. Purple ores allow you to make more specialized, more refined (Hurr-durr) gear, with drastically altered values in performance, and that … that is it. No laser-pointers, strobelights, foregrips, pencil sharpeners or other unlocks from high-quality ores. But kickass gear is a pretty thing in itself.

Okay. What about building Thumpers?
Sure. Go ahead, put 250 of each Crystite Hybrid in (lowest grade you have, it makes no difference) to make an Advanced MPU, spend a good chunk of Crystite and you get the Advanced Thumper. It takes a while to finish, so go for a run with your Improved Thumper in the mean time. Thaaaat is all that’s to it, really. Just don’t waste your precious high-grade ore on the Advanced MPU.

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