FIFA Online 2 Player Physique Guide

FIFA Online 2 Player Physique Guide by Xephyre

Very often when it comes to choosing players, people tend to look at its value and stats first while ignoring the physical characteristics of the player such as height and weight. These numerics can dictate a team’s style of play and can make a difference on the pitch. In this article, I will be going in depth about the different types of players and how the physical aspect plays a part. P/S This is just a rough guide. I may also cover other positions (midfielders, defenders and goalkeepers) in the near future.

Aerial Winner

An aerial winning forward, or more traditionally known as a target man, is one that possesses good aerial ability and presence in the air. He is often one who has the ability to score goals with his head and is a threat in the box. Such forwards need to be tall in order to dominate in the air. The recommended height and weight is 190cm and 80kg or above.

Recommended Players

N. Zigic 1285 202cm 91kg
P. Crouch 1316 201cm 79kg
L. Toni 1417 196cm 94kg
Fernando Llorente 1307 195cm 94kg
J. Carew 1431 193cm 88kg
F. Kanoute 1267 192cm 82kg

Powerful Forward

A powerful forward is one that possesses a mix of good strength, speed, acceleration and aerial presence. He usually has the ability to score goals with both feet and head, making him a complete striker and one to be feared with in and outside the box. Such forwards are reasonably tall and heavy, usually 180cm and 80kg or above.

Recommended Players

Z. Ibrahimovic 1597 192cm 84kg
E. Adebayor 1434 193cm 75kg
V. Iaquinta 1507 191cm 84kg
D. Drogba 1499 189cm 91kg
M. Gomez 1398 189cm 84kg
H. de Noteboom 1514 187cm 82kg

Speed Demon

A speed demon is a forward that possesses great pace, speed, acceleration and mobility. He usually has the ability to split through defenses with blistering pace and is dangerous on the counter attack with lightning quick speed. Such forwards rely on their small yet agile body build and lightweight.

Recommended Players

A. Arshavin 1433 172cm 62kg
Eduardo 1413 177cm 62kg
M. Owen 1381 173cm 70kg
Bojan 1392 170cm 65kg
J. Defoe 1344 171cm 65kg

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