Fashion Story Starter’s Guide

Fashion Story Starter’s Guide by 143Blue

Welcome to Fashion Story Fashionita! Here in this FABULOUS game you will meet exciting new friends, make and sell your clothes, design a beautiful boutique, and MORE! As a new Fashionita i will introduce you some things you need to learn before you get started! Here are the tips:

HAPPY CUSTOMERS: First off you need to make your customers happy to have a successful store! when your customers are happy they will buy your product and you will make money! They will have pink hearts above there heads like this:

sometimes they will leave angry or sad because you might not have enough clothes, changing rooms, mirrors, or cashiers! be sure to have plenty and make sure u dont block the way to get to the racks, cashiers, changing rooms, or mirrors or else they will leave mad too!

CUSTOMIZE YOUR AVATAR: make your avatar look like you or a totally different superstar! Choose clothes to buy with gems or coins! Customize your avatar by going too the Main Menu<Profile<then Profile again and press change in the left hand corner of your screen! OR just click closet at the right hand corner of your device!

FRIENDS: Make new friends by going to the social button! Go to community to visit new people!

Or go to neighbors to visit exsiting friends!

Visit your neighbors for daily bonuses! You get dailly bonuses for playing every day too so be sure to check up on your boutique every day!

When making new friends go to there wall asking them to add you using your STORM8 ID!

Post on theyre wall and wait! OR if they give you their STORM8 ID instead add them by going to Social<Invite< and then putin thier STORM8 ID like this!

DESIGNING: Design your boutique to let you and others see how much of a interior designer you are! Just click the design button with a hammer to start creating your masterpiece!

CLOTHES! Make clothes so your customers can buy them and friends can leave tips! Make clothes by clicking catlog in the right lower hand corner
then click on an EMPTY slot! click the clothing you want to make and wait!
when the clothing tab has a picture of a shirt on top of it that means your clothe(s) are done!

COLLECT YOUR TIPS! U can tip your nieghbors or friends in the community! When you get a tip they will have a blue thumb above the item like this-

BUTTONS ON THE TOP: they mean this!

GEMS! gems are nice to have but arent nessary! with gems you can buy stuff from the magic box and other items u cant get anywhere else! Just click this button to buy!
Then this screen should show up!

These should be enough tips to get you started Fashionita!

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