FarmVille 2 Watering Strategy Calculator

FarmVille 2 Watering Strategy Calculator by killumshannon

Okay, everyone’s been asking me for watering strategies, so I decided to write a program to do it. To get your strategy, go here:


Note this is “BETA” and there’s no fancy bells/whistles. There’s no error checking so if you leave something out you’re likely to get an error. It calculates hourly based on 12 hours a day, and waters trees in a priority based on how many hours to mature.

In the future, I’ll add options to alter strategy based on a desire for coins or XP, and change the schedule based on visits every 2/3/4 hours instead of every hour – stuff like that.

What this is good for is finding out whether your farm can support more trees based on maximum play (if you have water left over at each hour, you can add more trees). It’s also good at estimating how much fertilizer you’ll need for the next hour, though you have to read between the lines to get that, and what kind of trees you can add (those that require 3, 4, 5, 6 water).

I wanted to add tree suggestions in this version, but I don’t have enough information yet. Look for that in coming versions =)

Please feel free to share with your friends who don’t read the forums, and I always welcome your comments, suggestions, ideas, etc.!!

Like I said – it’s BETA (more like ALPHA lol) and very rough… I’ll be adding stuff to it as time allows, and updating this first post with updates.

Hope it helps you in maximizing your play! Happy farming!!

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