FarmVille 2 Trees and Animals Break Even Guide

FarmVille 2 Trees and Animals Break Even Guide by melissa3324

This guide will tell you how many produce you will need to sell at market price in order to break even on Trees and Animals.

This is good to know because after you break even on the trees, any produce after that is PURE PROFIT and does not cost anything except water.

Lemon Tree – Sell 15 lemons at market price.
Apple Tree – Sell 19 apples at market price.
Olive – Sell 28 olives at market price.
Orange – Sell 18 oranges at market price
Fig- Sell 24 Figs at market price.

Animals are a little more complicated because of their “lifespan”, or the amount of times you can feed an animal before they become prized and no longer give you produce. This is why I am trying to figure out how many times you can feed an animal, if you can even make it to the break even point before their life span runs out. If you know this information, visit this thread and tell me your data.

CottonTail Rabbit Produces Wool. Sell 44 wool
Red Goat Sell 35 milk
White Chicken Sell 25 eggs
Saanen Goat Produces milk and cheese. You can sell 112 milk OR 48 cheese to break even on this animal.
Rhode Island Chicken Sell 100 eggs to break even.
White Sheep Sell 100 wool to break even.
Nubian Goat This animal produces milk and cheese. You can sell 118 milk to break even, OR 50 Cheese.
Merino Sheep Produces wool and milk. Sell 115 milk OR 108 wool. Since wool is not used in recipes and milk is largely used, it is better to sell the wool at market price and use milk for your recipes.
Mustang Horse Sell 93 horse shoes to break even on this animal.

Listed below is the Break Even Prices of Animal Produce that includes the cost of feeding your animal. For the animal feed that comes from Trees, you need to reach the Break Even Price for the trees (listed above) before this guide will be completely accurate for you.

For example you need to sell 49 wool from Cottontail Rabbit at market price using Strawberry, Sunflower, or Apple to Feed your animal. If you use Tomato or Corn to feed your animal, you will have to sell 80 wool from Cottontail Rabbit in order to break even.

So far looks like Strawberries are the cheapest way to feed your animals. They only cost 18 coins to grow and they make 10 animal feed. However, they do take 24 hours to grow. But, if you take a day off (at level 10) and plant 50 strawberries, you will have 500 animal feed saved up! Keep the strawberries in your inventory and convert them to feed as you need them.

Hope this guide is helpful.

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