FarmVille 2 Quest List

FarmVille 2 Quest List by swaggers

Vittles [1 Part]
Vittles for Your Littles (2 XP, 50 Coins)
Make 4 Feed from tomatoes.
Feed 1 chicken.

Fast Crops [1 Part]
Sow the Slow Grow (2 XP, 50 Coins)
Harvest 8 Tomatoes.
Plant 8 Wheat.
Water 8 Wheat.

Baby Bottles [1 Part]
Chicken and the Egg (2 XP, 50 Coins)
Feed a baby chicken 1 baby bottle.
Feed 1 Adult Chicken.
Sell 1 Egg in your Market Stand.

Quickie Crop [1 Part]
Soup It Up (2 XP, 50 Coins)
Use the Plot tool to place 3 new plots.
Plant 4 Tomatoes.
Water 4 Tomatoes.

Words of Wisdom [X Parts]
Change of Perspective (2 XP, 50 Coins)
Zoom your view out.
Zoom your view in.

Branching Out (3 XP, 75 Coins, 1 Farm Sign)
Buy 1 Lemon Tree for your farm.
Water 1 Lemon Tree.
Purchase the Family Well farm area to expand your farm.

Proper Farm Decoration (3 XP, 75 Coins)
Place the Farm Sign down from your inventory.
Have a Scarecrow on your farm.
Rotate 1 Scarecrow, to imitate a real farmer.

Feathering the Nest (3 XP, 100 Coins)
Have a Pink Flamingo to lighten the mood.
Have a Budget Birdhouse for our feathered friends.
Move 1 decorative object to relax.

The Crafting Cottage (3 XP, 100 Coins)
Purchase the Farmstead Kitchen area so you’ll have a place to bake.

No Grain, No Gain [3 Parts]
Quickie Coins (2 XP, 50 Coins)
Harvest 4 Tomatoes.
Sell 4 Tomatoes.
Sell 1 Milk to quick profits.

Part 2 Missing. Confirmed No #2.

Waiting for Wheat (3 XP, 75 Coins)
Harvest 6 Wheat.
Harvest 12 Tomatoes.
Earn 250 coins by selling goods in your Market Stand.

New Horizons [2 Parts]
Scratch a Patch (3 XP, 75 Coins)
Use the Plot Tool to place 4 new plots.
Water 8 Blueberries.
Water 8 Wheat.

Friendly Fodder (3 XP, 75 Coins)
Use 1 Farmhand on your crops or Crafting Kitchen.
Do 5 helpful things on your neighbors’ farms to get free items.
Click on yourself to change clothes for a new look.

Virtuous Sickle [3 Parts]
Core Issues (3 XP, 75 Coins)
Buy 1 Apple Tree for your orchard.
Water 1 Apple Tree to start it growing.
Feed 1 Goat for fun after a hard day in the orchard.

Pouty Poultry (3 XP, 75 Coins)
Harvest 10 Tomatoes. They grow faster than chickens can eat!
Make 6 Feed for your hungry chickens.
Feed 2 Chickens to give ‘em something to peck at.

Time of the Season (3 XP, 75 Coins)
Sell 4 Tomatoes to reap the quick rewards.
Plant 8 Wheat! That’ll give us time to go to market.
Water 8 Wheat seeds. Unwatered seeds are destiny unfulfilled.

A Merry Dairy [3 Parts]
Taking Stock (3 XP, 2000 Coins)
Sell 5 Milk.
Sell 10 Eggs.
Sell 20 Tomatoes.

Kidding Around (3 XP, 100 Coins)
Harvest 12 Pimpkins for goat feed later.
Buy 1 Baby Goat to expand your herd.
Harvest 12 Blueberries.

Gourd Gorge (3 XP, 100 Coints, 1 Decoration)
Have 2 Adult Red Goats in your herd.
Make 20 Feed for your goat herd.
Earn 1000 coins by selling goods in the Market Stand.

Berry Good Idea [2 Parts]
Fast Food (3 XP, 100 Coins)
Harvest 20 Blueberries for quick feed.
Plant 5 Wheat for harvesting tomorrow.
Harvest 1 Well for more water.

Fowl Play (3 XP, 100 Coins)
Feed 2 Goats.
Make 16 Feed for those little cluckers.
Feed 3 adult Chickens.

Hydration Station [2 Parts]
Water for Trotters (3 XP, 100 Coins)
Have 1 Water Trough so you can support more animals.
Buy 1 Wine Spread to celebrate the accomplishment of your steadily growing farm!
Help out on your neighbors’ farms and see who’s got a Water Trough already. [0/5]

Part 2 is Missing

Giving a Crop [2 Parts]

Part 1 is Missing

Notes for Goats (3 XP, 100 Coins)
Harvest 5 Wheat.
Sell 2 Eggs. They’re worth twice as much as Wheat!
Sell 5 Wheat. It’ll bring in a few coins.

Olive of Farming [2 Parts]
Hungry Hungry Hoofers (3 XP, 400 Coins)
Hit the Feed Mill for a Pavlovian reaction from the clove-foot set. [0/10]
Feed your goats to keep them happy. [0/2]
Plant 2 Olive Trees for shade.

Sowing the Seeds (4 XP, 400 Coins)
Water 2 Olive Trees.
Water 10 Wheat.
Sell 2 Milk to put some spending coins in your pocket.

Cottage Industry [3 Parts]
Cooking with Gas (4 XP, 400 Coins)
Harvest 10 Wheat. Wheat can be made into flour.
Feed 5 adult Chickens.
Craft 2 Lemon Waters.

Hay, Batter, Batter (4 XP, 400 Coins)
Make 4 Flour in your Crafting Kitchen.
Make 4 Batter out of Flour and Eggs.
Sell 4 Lemon Waters.

Scorin’ Scones (5 XP, 400 Coins)
Plant 10 Wheat so you can make flour for scones.
Harvest 2 Apple Trees to get apples for scones.
Bake 1 Apple Scone in your Crafting Kitchen.

Fertile Minds [4 Parts] (OPENS AT LEVEL 7)
Finding Fertilizer
Buy 1 baby White Sheep.
Have 1 adult White Sheep.
Feed adult Sheep 3 times to try to get Fertilizer!

Joy of Cooking [2 Parts]
Juicing It (5 XP, 400 Coins)
Craft 4 Lemon Waters.
Craft 2 Lemonades with Lemon Water.
Craft 1 Strawberry Lemonades to make some real money.

Tomato Seizin’ (4 XP, 400 Coins, 1 Decoration)
Craft 4 Tomatoe Paste from Tomatoes.
Craft 2 broth from Onions.
Whip up 1 Tomato Soup for the Red Windmill restaurant.

The Ravenous Rabble [2 Parts]
Selling Sundries (26 XP, 400 Coins)
Use the Plot tool to place 4 new plots.
Feed 10 Chickens to get eggs.
Sell 2 recipes.

Certified Seller (46 XP, 400 Coins)
Make 20 Feed to fatten up your animals.
Feed 10 Goats.
Sell 2 recipes.

Hasty Pastry [2 Parts]
Butter ‘em Up!
Craft 4 Butter so you can make Cupcake Icing.
Craft 4 Orange Icings for the cupcakes.
Chat up neighbors while doing 15 helpful tasks on neighbor farms.

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