FarmVille 2 Prized Crops Guide

FarmVille 2 Prized Crops Guide by Lexilicious

Grow brag-worthy crops on your Farm using Fertilizer! Fertilizing your crops increases the number of Resources that you get from one harvest, but it also makes it possible for you to produce Prize Crops!

What’s a Prize Crop?

A Prize Crop is an impressively large crop that you have a chance of obtaining when you harvest a Fertilized crop. Prize Crops appear after you harvest as larger, sparkling versions of the crop you’re harvesting.

Prized Strawberries

Clicking on these crops will open a pop-up that will show the weight of the Prize Crop you have grown.

Every Prize Crop that you yield gives you bonus coins, Experience Points (XP), and Mastery Points toward that crop, so it’s really worth your while to put some Fertilizer in your field!

Please note that this feature is exclusive to crops; your Trees can’t produce Prized Crops and your Animals and your animals have their own version of Prize Crops (check out the guide on Prized Animals HERE!)

How Do I Get a Prize Crop?

Putting Fertilizer on a plot makes it possible for that plot to give you a Prize Crop. That’s all you have to do—just plant your crops like you normally would, water them, then add Fertilizer. To use Fertilizer, place your cursor over a planted and watered crop. You will see a pop-up with two icons at the bottom. These icons indicate how much Fertilizer and Speed-Grow you have in your Inventory. Click on the bag icon to Fertilize your crop.


Having more fertilized plots is kind of like having a lot of tickets in a raffle—you have a better chance of winning, but there is no guarantee that you will. However, fertilizing your crops is the only way to even make it possible to grow a Prize Crop, so use your Fertilizer when you have it!

What Do I Get for a Prize Crop?

As mentioned earlier, Prize Crops appear as larger versions of the crop you’re harvesting. Unlike normal harvested crops, they will linger on your Farm until you interact with them.

When you see a Prize Crop in your field, click on it. A pop-up will appear which will let you know how much your Prize Crop weighs. In addition to this, you can also see your current weight record for this particular crop. If this Prize Crop is a new personal best… congratulations!


Clicking on the “Celebrate with Friends” button will post a feed to your wall that your friends and Neighbors can click on to collect rewards.

For every Prize Crop that you grow, you will get Coins, XP and Mastery Points. The larger your Prize Crop is, the more of these items you will receive as a reward. Crops that unlock at higher levels in the game tend to produce larger Prize Crops than the lower level crops, so growing Prize Crops becomes more profitable the more you play!

What are Mastery Points?

When you harvest a crop, you earn Mastery Points. With enough Mastery Points, you will earn a Ribbon for that particular crop. This is called “Crop Mastery”. There are three levels of Crop Mastery you can achieve; Yellow Ribbon, Red Ribbon and Blue Ribbon.

When you have earned a Ribbon, you will see a pop-up like the one below.

Mastery pop-up

You will also be able to place a sign on your Farm that indicates what level of mastery you have reached. This sign is for decoration purposes only… but placing it will let everyone know what you have achieved!

Mastery Sign

The number of harvests required to achieve Blue Ribbon mastery differ from crop to crop. Just keep planting and harvesting… your Ribbons will show up eventually! If you are in a hurry to earn your Blue Ribbon status, use Fertilizer on your crops. Harvesting Fertilized crops grants you more Mastery Points than harvesting un-fertilized ones.

Mastering Crops may seem like hard work, but with each level of Mastery you achieve, the heavier your Prize Crops for that type of fruit or vegetable will tend to be. Keeping this in mind, even harvesting unfertilized crops is helpful if you wish to continue producing large Prize Crops, as un-mastered crops tend to yield smaller results.

Where Can I Get Fertilizer?

Fertilizer is required to grow a Prize Crop. Because of this, you are going to want to keep a steady supply in your Inventory. You can get Fertilizer from a few places:

  • When you feed your Animals, there is a chance they will give you a bag of Fertilizer in addition to the other Resources they provide.
  • Neighbors who visit your Farm can fertilize your crops.
  • Grab it from your friends Facebook feeds.
  • Get it as a Free Gift from your friends.
  • Purchase it in the General Store for Farm Bucks
  • Farm Helpers will occasionally drop a bag of Fertilizer after they finish tending to your crops.

You’ll spend one Fertilizer for every plot that you fertilize, so make sure you keep an eye on your supplies; running out will mean you can’t grow a Prized Crop!

Get Growing!

Prize Crops are a fun way to get some extra Coins and put your mastery of a certain crop on the fast track! Start fertilizing your crops to see how big you can grow your fruits and vegetables!

Happy Farming!

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