FarmVille 2 Prized Animals Basic Guide

FarmVille 2 Prized Animals Basic Guide by Lexilicious

Raising and caring for your animals is more than just fun—it’s rewarding, too! Putting all that work into gathering Milk Bottles and making Feed isn’t easy, but it will pay off when your animal turns into a Prized Animal! Keep feeding and harvesting your animals, and they will eventually mature into prize-winning, blue ribbon critters!

Feeding and Caring for your Animals

Just like any other living thing on your Farm, your animals need care and attention. Animals get hungry for Feed at different times. Watch for a thought bubble to appear over your Animals’ heads with a picture of yellow feed in it—that’s your cue to grind up some crops in the Feed Mill and get the little guys some food! How often an Animal gets hungry depends on the type of Animal and what breed it is, so place your mouse over your Animals to see how long it will be until they are hungry again. Each time you feed an adult Animal, it will give you valuable resources, such as milk, eggs, and wool to sell in the Market.

Growing a Prized Animal

After you’ve diligently cared for an animal for a while, you will see a popup message letting you know that your animal is almost a Prized Animal! Way to go!

Once you have an animal that is almost a Prized Animal, you can hover your mouse over it to see how many more feedings it needs to become a prized animal:

The amount of feed your animal requires in one feeding won’t change just because the animal is almost a Prized Animal—what you’ve been doing is working, so keep it up!

Earning a Prized Animal

When you’ve fed your animal enough times that it becomes a Prized Animal, you will see a popup message letting you know that you have an award-winning creature on your Farm! You’ll pick up a few XP for your hard work. You can share this milestone with your Facebook friends and share some extra Feed with them by clicking on the “Share Rewards” button in the popup message.

If you’ve prefer not to share, just click the “X” button at the top of the message.

Taking a Prized Animal to the County Fair

Once an animal becomes Prized, its appetite for Feed decreases. In fact, you don’t have to feed a Prized Animal at all! Rather than having an appetite for ground up fruits and veggies, your Prized Animal gets a taste for something new: the prestige and recognition that comes with being a Blue Ribbon Animal at the County Fair!

County Fair? How Does That Work?

Instead of seeing a thought bubble with feed in it appear above your Prized Animal’s head every so often, you will start to see a thought bubble with a Blue Ribbon appear once every 18 hours.

If you place your mouse over a Prized Animal before the Blue Ribbon appears over their head, you will see a countdown that shows the time left until that animal is ready to go to the Fair.

When you see the ribbon, your Prized Animal is ready to go to the County Fair to win you some valuable Coins and XP! Place your mouse over the Prized Animal to see a bubble that says “Take to Show.” When you click on your show-ready Prized Animal, you will see a popup telling you how many coins and XP your Prized Animal won for you. You can take each Prized Animal to the Fair once a day—you don’t want them to get too tired, after all! Your Prized Animal will win you coins and XP each and every time you take her to the County Fair, so compete often and rake in the gold!

My Prized Animal Doesn’t Produce Resources Anymore! Is She Okay?

Yes! Instead of producing Resources like milk, eggs, cheese, and wool, Prized Animals focus their time and energy on winning you coins and XP at the County Fair, and therefore don’t produce Resources once they become Prized Animals.

How Do I Tell the Difference Between a Prized Animals and a Non-Prized Animal on my Farm?

Prized Animals are fairly easy to distinguish from Non-Prized Animals. Prized Animals will actually appear a bit larger than their Non-Prized counterparts. You can also hover your mouse over any of your animals to see what they are. If an animal is a Prized Animal, the bubble that appears when place your mouse over them will say so.

Storing Prized Animals in your Inventory

To avoid overcrowding, you can only have a limited number of Animals on your Farm. You can increase the number of animals you’re able to have by adding Water Troughs, but 50 Animals is the maximum limit–even with these extra Troughs. Prized Animals count toward this number, even though they don’t eat feed. If you want to make room for Animals that produce Resources on your Farm, you can store your Prized Animals in your Inventory.

To do this, click on the “Tools” button at the bottom of your game.

Once you have done this, click on the “Move to Inventory” tool and click on the Animals you would like to add to storage.

You can take your Prized Animals out of your Inventory at any time and place them on your Farm, but please be aware that doing so will reset their timer back to 18 hours. Prized Animals make great additions to any yard or pasture!

Selling Your Prized Animals

If you don’t want to store your Prized Animals, you can also sell them using the Sell tool located on the bottom right-hand side of your screen, within the Tools menu:

Select the “Sell” tool, then click on the Prized Animal you would like to sell. You will see a popup asking you if you’re sure you want to sell your animal. If you are, click the button that says “Yes, Sell It.” Prized Animals sell for several hundred coins more than their garden-variety counterparts.

Happy Farming!

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