FarmVille 2 Hen House Guide

FarmVille 2 Hen House Guide by Lexilicious

Hankering for more eggs? Looking for a fun way to earn some great rewards? Then our new Hen House feature is for you! The Hen House is a buildable structure in FarmVille 2 that you can harvest daily for a chance to receive Exotic Eggs! In addition to this, you will also receive bonus regular Eggs for every adult chicken you have on your farm. Collect all 5 Exotic Eggs to win an Exclusive Polish Silver Laced Chicken. In order to have a Hen House you must be at least Level 5 and have a minimum of three non-prized, adult chickens on your farm.


Placing and Building the Hen House

If you qualify for the Hen House, you will be prompted to place it on your farm when you load the game.

After the Hen House is placed, you will get a visit from Walter. He has noticed what you are building and is interested in making a deal.

Once you have finished chatting with Walter, it’s time to start construction! In order to complete the Hen House you will need building materials and some help from your Neighbors.

Your first step is collecting Building Materials. You will need the following items to start buildings your Hen House:

8 Wood Planks
8 Hammers
8 Bird Nests

Once you have collected the required items, click on the “Start Building” button at the bottom of the construction Menu.
In addition to the materials, you will need to request the following help from your Neighbors as builders of the Hen House.

How to Use the FarmVille 2 Hen House

If you have at least three adult chickens on your farm that are not Prized, you can harvest your Hen House once every twenty four hours. When you harvest your Hen House, there are four types of eggs you can receive:

1. Regular Chicken Eggs
2. Uncommon Exotic Eggs
3. Rare Exotic Eggs
4. Ultra Rare Exotic Eggs

The more adult chickens you have on your Farm, the better your chances are of receiving Exotic Eggs! For every adult (non-prized) chicken you have on your farm, you will also receive additional Regular Chicken Eggs when harvesting the Hen House.

The first time you harvest your completed Hen House, you will receive an Exotic Egg. Exotic Eggs linger on your farm similar to Prized Crops. Just click on the Egg and it will be added to your collection. After that, each daily harvest gives you a chance to receive more Exotic Eggs.

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