FarmVille 2 Crafting and Resource Guide

FarmVille 2 Crafting and Resource Guide by Sean Yule

Hello! My name is Sean Yule, and with the help of the community over the past week (9-8-12 to 9-15-12), we have put together a few image-guides to help you understand the fundamental information of both resource and crafting items alike.

Author ——–: Sean Yule
Helpers ——-: Clemonade, mathadon, swaggers, vladdlen, Jimbo Patpat, Queen Alexandra, and many more!
Version ——-: v1.50
Latest Update -: October 16th, 2012
Notice———: This guide contains information that may change and thus become incorrect. Efforts will be made to keep this guide as up-to-date as possible over the coming days/months/years/decades/centuries/millenniums.

Level 0 Chart:

Level 1-3 Chart:

Level 4 Chart:

Limited Edition Item Chart:

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