Farm Story Constructables List

Farm Story Constructables List by WendingWanderer

The ones I know:

Tiles – 5
Concrete – 5
Roof Shingles – 5
Bricks – 5

Tool Shed:
Tiles – 5
Roof Shingles – 5
Wooden Boards – 5
Wiring – 5 (used for no other constructable)

Koi Pond:
Tiles – 12
Concrete – 12
Rubber Lining – 12 (used for no other constructable)
Work Gloves – 12 (used for no other constructable)

Concrete – 5
Roof Shingles – 5
Wooden Boards – 5
Bricks – 5

Giant Light Tree
10 Wiring
10 Lightbulbs.

Autumn Tractor:
12 wiring
12 beams

Carnival Slide
14 bolts
12 purple paint

Clown Game

6 concrete, 10 blue bricks

Grain Silo
5 each shingles, concrete, bricks tiles

tool shed
5 each boards, shingles, tiles, wiring

Covered Well
5 each concrete, boards, shingles, bricks

12 each concrete, tiles, rubber lining, gloves

Haunted Barn
10 each roof shingles, Wooden Boards, Wiring, Work Gloves(no longer available in the store- was removed with the halloween items)

Shamrock Fountain
8 each: Green Bricks, Green Concrete

Green Barn
5 each- Roof Shingle, rubber Lining, Wooden Boards

Note: the red barn in the store is not a constructible item.

Headless Mower

Gourd Fountain

Pumpkin Coach
10 work gloves and 10 ghost gear.

Scroll through the store and find items with a picture of a hammer on it. Buy and place the item.
Click on the item and you will see the materials needed to build it.
You will also see that you can complete the item instantly by using gems. (this is an option only… If you choose not to use gems you can request the materials from your neighbors)
To request materials, click on the box and you neighbors list will come up. click on the neighbors that you would like to send requests to.

You can check how many more items you need by clicking and managing your item under construction.
Once you have all the items needed , you will see a build it button. click that button and your item will be built.

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    If you can’t use items, why are they on the gifts list. I am stuck with items I can’t use.

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