Farm Story Collectibles List

Farm Story Collectibles List by charlielee92

Righto, here are my findings regarding the new collectables so far:


Cakes and pies ? watering /planting fruits
Bug Life ? watering/planting trees
Tools for Living ? watering /planting vegetables
Domestic Bliss ? buying field, landscape or building items (NOTE: don?t waste your gems buying items for this ? it appears that no special or rarer collectables are rewarded for spending gems than for spending coins)
Animal Husbandry ? buying animals only, not collecting/watering animals
Butterflies ? watering/planting flowers
Lovely Antiques ? watering/planting grains
Cool Cowboy ?buying animals
Buried Treasure ? watering/planting vegetables, flowers, fruits, grains (NOTE: you get more treasure from watering/planting vegetables than flowers/fruits/grains)
Lost Toys ? buying ?garden? decorations

And other TeamLava games:


Floral Bouquet ? Buying wall items
Cooking Tools ? tipping tables, buying floor items
Chef Implements ? preparing/serving food and drink
Baking Goodness ? preparing/serving food and drink
Yummy Ingredients ? preparing/serving food and drink (these seem difficult to get, haven?t figured out the technicalities yet)


Same as Restaurant Story so far.

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