EpicX Prestige Guide

EpicX Prestige Guide by jfoolar

Ever from the start, you see that ominous zero hanging up on the top left corner.  Hovering your mouse over it tells you how to get it, but not why you’d want to.   It’s an ominous and mysterious commodity,  taunting you, even the name begs the cloying idea that if you had more, other players would see you as a player to be respected, and at times feared.  As if having it would open the door to some prestigious invite-only party, where throngs of babbling miscreants are brought in for the sole purpose of worshiping you, and then forced to fight each other to death for your amusement.

Well it’s true, and yes, the campaign at that party tastes better, and is served by trained bears.

Prestige does all this and more, it pays you a salary once a day, it gives you added bonuses, like taking over multiple mines, or hero slots, and most importantly it unlocks powerful heroes unique to each Kin.

-~-Gaining Prestige-~-

There are a number of ways to gain prestige, some a little more costly or time consuming than others, but all of them definitely worth it.
Levy Questions:   Answering certain levy questions will net you prestige, and often this is one of the first places a player will earn some.  When not outright stated, you can usually gain prestige from answering questions that benefit you (as oppose to your peoples)  By sending subordinates to take your place, or leading a ruthless and cruel regime.  For more information on Levy questions and their yields, Smoothies made and excellent guide here

Investing: From the world screen, clicking on the city your in, and hitting the Invest button will allow you to invest copper in your cities infrastructure.  Although seemingly costly at first, this yields a high amount of prestige for players early on, and additionally, pays off in the long run.  Increasing your cities prosperity also increases the copper gained from levy for all players living in the city, as well as your clans ownership percentage, if it has dropped due to subdues or city attacks.

Donation:  Under the Promotion screen, in the government menu, you have the ability to donate extra Exploit, for prestige.  The exploit needed, and prestige gained from this escalates based on level.  Exactly one tenth of the exploit you donate in this fashion turns into Prestige, and the amount you can donate every two hours increases by 25 exploit per level.  At level 60, you can donate 1,500 exploit for 150 prestige.

Subduing:   Possibly the most exciting and quickest way to get Prestige, is to Subdue other players.  One may do this once they decide on their kin (::Cough:: Long live Brutus ::Cough: and move to Palmyrae, Sarmatae, or Alesia, after defeating Assurbanipal on the Assyria map.  By Subduing other players, you pit your troops against theirs in a fight to the death.  If you win, you are awarded an amount of Prestige based on their government level, and hostility.
Hostility of players in other kins is shown by the color of their name, and is based off how aggressive they are towards your kin, and their subdue wins/loss stats.   This ranges 7 different grades:

Grey: (no threat)
White: (Neutral)
Green: (Unfriendly)
Blue: (Infighting)
Purple (Wanted)
Orange: (Heinous)
Yellow: (Public Enemy)

The higher hostility of the foe you defeat, the greater the prestige you earn.
Keep in mind, the more you subdue, the greater your grade will become, and the more lucrative a target you’ll be to other players.  If you successfully subdue a player ranked orange or above, a world message will appear announcing your victory, and the kin that you’ve attacked.
The exact amount of prestige you earn can be found in your mail, along with a link to review or revisit the battle.  Additionally, when you loose a subdue, you earn lesser amount of prestige, based on the amount of troops you where able to take out.

Due to the recent update changing cooldowns and subdues, hiding ones troops is now actively discouraged.  If you’re subdued, and are missing any heroes from formation, you run the risk of getting one of your buildings knocked down a level.

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