EpicX Levy Event Answers Guide

EpicX Levy Event Answers Guide by xtremejason

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Note: Prestige and Copper rewards vary upon levels

Rainy season, floods will spread, get good flood measures to reduce flood losses
1)Personally supervise process : Loyal +4
2)Busy, send subordinates : Loyal +5

Wrath of Jupiter:
During a thunderstorm, your Government was hit by lightning, and burned part of it,
Civilians say it was the wrath of Jupiter
1)Set up an altar to pray, to quell rumors: Loyal +7
2)To recruit civilians to repair and ban the rumors: +Prestige

Expansion of Aqueduct:
As expansion of Castle and increase of population, the aqueduct owned can not
meet civilian’s needs. You need to expand it.
1)Personally supervise the progress of project: +loyal 6
2)Send subordinates to take charge of progress: +Copper

Recently a lot of thieves appear in your castle, you are suspecting that enemies
are sending them to disturb public security.
1)To secretly arrange staff to track these thieves: Levy +1  -Copper
2)To strengthen the Patrol: Prestige +4 Gold +10

Recommend candidates:
Your subordinates recommend you a soldier with outstanding strategic talents,
and hope you would promote him.
1)Test the soldier personally, promote him if: Prestige +6
2)To directly accept the views of your subordinate: Loyal +7, -copper

In your Castle, there is a mysterious religion. They are publicizing the idea of
equality, which seriously threat your rule
1)For maintaining rule, to kill the infidels: Loyal +8
2)Learn new ideas personally, and adjust your policy rule: +6 Prestige

The prosperity of the city has brought more wealth, you are ready to expand your troops
1)Declare to conscript. The age-appropriate should join: Prestige +10
2)Call for all young volunteers: Loyal +5

Rob the Rich to Assist the:
Recently a thief, who specializes in stealing money from the nobles and giving money to
people in slum.
1)Put the thief as wanted, to maintain the noble’s interests: Gold +3
2)To catch the thief and compensate for their losses: Loyal +5 copper+ 20

Wounded Enemies:
After your victory, leaving many of the enemy on the battle field, wounded soldiers
1)To capture the wounded soldiers as slaves. +Prestige +6
2)Kill them immediately and get rid of possible threats: +7 Loyal

Medals issued:
After the victory of the war, you want to hold a ceremony to issue medals for praise
outstanding soldiers:
1)To hold ceremony and praise soldiers: Loyal +8
2)To issue the medals in Government: +Prestige

Lack of Miners:
Prospecting workers discovered a wealth of iron ore. Sufficient iron ore can greatly
improve your troops equips. Now you need a lot of miners.
1)Purchase slaves and send them to mine: Loyal +5
2)To give rewards to call for civilians to work in mine: Prestige +6

Insufficient Builders:
Construction of a new arena requires not only a lot of stones, but also a large number of
builders. You need more builders to build the arena.
1)To make all salves captured at wars as builders: Gold +1
2)Call for citizens to be builders by rewards: Nothing

Plague of locusts:
Drought causes locusts bed greatly and growing rapid, which is leading to disaster:
1) Build water conservancy for preventing: Loyal +5
2) More Plants to reduce places for locusts breed: +7 Loyal

To Celebrate Festivals:
With the arrival of Saturnalia, the city is filled with a festive atmosphere:
1) Celebrate with nobles: Copper +6
2) Celebrate and pray with citizens: Loyal +8

Poisoned Ranch:
A ranch you manage was poisoned, causing great losses:
1)Personally track the source: Prestige
2) Give rewards to find the source: +Copper

You are having a speech in the square, and a noble interrupt to object your policies:
1)To arrest him on the spot, and put him in prison: +4 loyal
2)Continue your speech and arrest him: Copper+

Precious Gift
Ambassadors from distant orient bring you their precious gifts:
1)Personally invite them to residence: +Prestige
2)Wait in Government, the gift is too precious to accept: +1 levy

Build Road
With the development of the city, more and more caravans come
1)Adopt their opinion and expand road: Prestige +
2)Develop army as most important priority: Loyal +5

Faulty Information
As receiving faulty information, you lost a pioneer troop
1)Punish the principal of information collectors: Loyal +4, Prestige +, Levy +1
2)Everyone had a mistake, forgive:

Your conquered tribes are sending ambassadors to give you their tributes
1)invite to attend banquet: Levy +1
2)after receive tribute, ask them to return: Nothing

Your ports are robbed by a bunch of pirates. Many businessmen suffered heavy losses.
1)Personally lead fleet to destroy the pirates at sea: Loyal +7
2)Send subordinates to lead the fleet to destroy them: +Copper

Mysterious Man
You find a mysterious man with a wrapped body tracking you while talking with friends:
1)Pretend it not found, and lead him to guard: Loyal +5
2)To catch the tracking mysterious person: Copper

Drought for Months
It has been no rain for months. The land is suffering a drought:
1)Lead civilians to dug wells to resist drought: Loyal +4
2)To pray for rain in altar, appease the civilians  civilians: + Copper

Siege weapons
During a fight, your troops lost part of your siege weapons. you need to manufacture
1)Ask craftmen to produce as soon as possible: +copper
2)To buy weapons from other cities: Loyal +7

Expanding Territory
At the same time your troops get victory, your territory is also expanding
1)Personally lead public to expand: Prestige+, Copper+, Levy+1
2)Send subordinates to lead expansion:

Drama Performance
Today you have watched a wonderful performance in Opera which make you feel pleased
1)Praise all performers on spot: Loyal +4
2)Invite performers to attend your private: +Copper

Sudden Attack
Enemies attacked your city
1)Well prepared to catch the enemy: Loyal +7
2)Chase and lose a lot of troops: Gold +5

Large number of displaced refugees come outside of castle
1)Prove them with accommodations and food: Loyal +7
2)In order to prevent plague, ask to drive them away: Nothing

While Harvest,the city accumulated a lot of food and causing lots of rats,which make it
easier to spread disease.
1)Personally kill rats: Loyal +7
Order civilians to keep food well: Loyal +5, +Copper

Shortage of Farmers
Victories, not also provide you more and more occupied land,
but also require more farmers to cultivate.
1) Send slaves to cultivate farms : cd -600
2) Share land to civilians for free : Gold +3

Halfway leading your troops you were ambushed. After escape you expect
there might be a mole among you…
1)Torture all: Prestige
2)Monitor suspicious activity: Loyal +5, +Copper

Wounded Soldiers
Continuous wars have caused the troops lots of wounded. Some who were hurt seriously
even can no longer fight the enemies on the battle field.
1)Brave warriors can get retired treatment : Loyal +7
2)Dismiss soldiers who can not kill enemies : Prestige 204

Subordinates are threatening your rule
1)Assassinate them: +Prestige
2)Defeat them through politics: Loyal +8

To train new troops
1)Personally train the new troops: Loyal +4
2)Send subordinates to train troops: +Copper

Damaged Walls
Continuous wars damaged the castle walls. For security, you should mend the wall
1)Personally lead civilians to repair walls: Loyal +7
2)Send subordinates to supervise mending: Gold +5

Expansion of Castle
The expansion of Castle requires a lot of stone. City does not have enough slaves to excavate stone
1)Send subordinates to help expansion of Castle: Loyal +5
2)Call for civilians to dig stone: +Copper

Sick Slaves
Slaves captured during Wars are living in harsh environment. Many of them are suffering from
serious diseases
1)Improve the lives of slaves to appease them: Prestige
2)Isolate sick slaves to prevent spread of disease: +Copper

City Fire
Due to dry weather, some people accidentally caused a fire, the fire still tends to spread
1)Personally led the army fire: Loyal +8
2)Busy, send subordinates to fire: +Copper

A merchant ship from the Orient brought a lot of precious luxuries. The nobles in the Castle
all go for buying these luxuries. It even lead to some auctions.
1)Participate in auction, to buy favorite items: Prestige+, Cd – 1800
2)Take the lead object extravagance and waste Loyal +7

Slave’s Assassination
A slave in a noble family can not stand abuse, then kill the owner while he is sleeping
1)Arrest and kill the assassin to avoid the same thing: Loyal +6 +prestige
2)Arrest the assassin to the arenas to join the fight:

Villages near your city appear a gang of robbers, resulting in great loss.
1)Robbers are disturbing your civilians: Loyal +8
2)To send your troops to punish all the robbers: Copper+

Ore Shortage
Your weaponsmith lacks for ore… which will stop production of equips. It is bad news during wars
1)Search for new ore miner, solve the problem
2)To purchase large quantities of ore as emergency: Loyal +7

Public Baths
Development of the city has brought more people. The public baths cannot accommodate so many people
1)Expand old baths, saving expenditures: Loyal +8
2)Construct more than one bath to meet requirements: Loyal +5 Cd-600

Athens Scholars
Athens send scholars to your city and want to exchange academic theories with your scholars
1)Hold a grand ceremony to greet them: Loyal +8
2)Make a good environment for their exchanges: Copper +630

Your troops report to you they caught a few deserters
1)Punish them
2)To know the reasons and give them mercy: Loyal +7

Famous Visitor
A famous roman weapon smith come to visit your castle. You decide to welcome him with the most
solemn ceremony
1)Invite him to join private banquet: +Prestige, +Copper
2)Invite him to work for you: +Loyal 4 +Gold 10 +Levy 1

Days heavy rain lead to landslides on hill next to your castle and block the road to another another.
1.)Personally clear the stone to increase loyalty: Prestige
2.)Protect the goods to reduce losses: Loyal +5 +Copper

Gap in River Embankment
1)Send subordinates: Loyal +5
2)Personally repair: Loyal +8

Foreign Refugees
1) Accept refugees: Loyal +5
2) Dismiss refugees: Loyal +8 -1copper

Variation depending on the season, the storm-prone season is about to come
1.Lead to make defense: Loyal +7
2)Focus on business to increase prestige:+ Prestige -CD 600

Your temple has been in disrepair.
1)Personally repair: Loyal + 5
2)Raise fund to get gold: gold +1

After a celebration, your guard catch a assassin who attempted to kill
1)Torture him: Prestige +
2)Kill immediately: Nothing

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