Dynasty Warriors Online Defeat Enemy Leader Basic Guide

Dynasty Warriors Online Defeat Enemy Leader Basic Guide by BestOfAllNoobs

Now there are few things that must be said here, there are a number of weapons that you should absolutely NOT take into this game….
… and that is Spammer weapons to run and kill the general. (IRod, Tpicks, Gauntlets, Claws, or anything else that you decided to double mosou mod for no reason)
This is simply because the way to kill the general is not merely running at him with goldy hammer/ Aggression, or spam and run. I guarantee you will fail if you try these methods.

So what is it that you do need?
Well it all depends on what you want to do in the game….

There are THREE TYPES of Players in Defeat the enemy leader
1. Attackers
2. Defenders
3. Healers

I will rundown what each unit should equip, where to run to, and what to do in battle.

PART 1. The Attacker

This is what most players choose, at with my guide “What you need in Your Armory”… you probably should NOT get this weapon if you only have one armory.
This weapon is a All attack and defense Nsword.
Let’s take a look…

Now notice… The Nsword has 4 attack, a max temper mod, and 5 mosou…. With one Max Temper mod in each spot….
Most people that have this weapon believe that the way to go is TWO mosou mods.
I chose attack and musou as a personal preferance. The main Idea is that you should Have Alot of mosou, A good amount of attack, and NO OTHER TEMPERS.

What you need to do in this battle is Start of running, get slightly closer to the enemy general, FLASKING AS YOU GO, which means do not sit in one spot flasking. By the time you get to the general… which should be around 3 mins give or take on the map… you either…
A. Mosou and run (get red health somehow)
B. Chain mosou with Teammates <—– The best choice
C. Make the general Chase you until you make him fight your own general

Work on your dodging skills as you may need to evade Defenders.

Only use plan C when all else fails.

The items you want to bring are simple…
a. Remedy on smaller map
b. speed/velocity scroll on bigger map.
c. Way of Mosou for any map.

If you dont wish to spend any money,,, go with a or b.

Lastly, You want to get yourself a Lieutenant with the moves RAGE, and FURY, to fill up your mosou fast. This would only be needed if the enemy team can defend or heal well.

Another weapon that could be of use if you so choose would be the Flute.
You are not trying to mosou spam the general to death, leave that for the Nswords.
Spamming the LUCK Advanced+ will stop any WITHER or RALLY Spammer. This is an effective way to stop Healers and Defenders.

PART 2. THE Defender

If you are “Defending” you are either
a. Stopping the enemy from musouing
b. Killing them (the harder choice)

so lets look at a weapon that can do both…

another popular weapon I have seen is the SFAN… but lets talk strictly on something that can do both stop mosou and kill the enemy with ease.

Notice, the move WITHER locks everyone’s musou bars in the game, so no one can gain any musou, unless they heed my warning and use an Lieutenant with RAGE that I mentioned earlier.
If you want to use your powers to stop them from mosouing… use GINSENG and Simply Spam your ADV so they can never mosou… making them have to resort to ATTACKER-PLAN C, which is dangerous.

If you want to use your powers to kill the attackers… simply accompany the general at all times, with at least attack and mosou. and pick off the attackers who are trying to chain mosou. It is better to kill the Person who is waiting to chain than the person who is the first to mosou., flask up while defend the general.

A good trick here is to try to get your general to camp out in a base so he can be healed by the base and the healers at the same time. Best base for this would be a tower or juggernaut base. Also Using the item RAIN AMULET can stop other players from chain mosouing effectively.

PART 3. The Healer

First let me tell you what NOT to use….
Do not use a Nunchaka, Chakram. Too many times have I seen one of these players swear they are healing the general with Protect
You need the Advantage Rally…. Not Protect
This is all you need…

Always use a Ginseng when healing. Use C1 and C3 to get your advantage move. and whatever you do DONT LET THE ADVANTAGE RUN OUT

Your goal is to
a. Keep healing the general with your ADV
b. Boost your teams score through KOs and Overall Rating.

Note: YOU ARE NOT a defender, Do Not waste time stopping enemies from attacking your general.

What you must do is get to a nice troop area for yourself and continue to ko no matter what, spamming your advantage move. That’s all there is to it…

That’s all for now…. Good luck

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