DUST 514 Terminology Guide

DUST 514 Terminology Guide by Leos Valentine Vatta

As with many other games and the talk surrounding them, DUST514 and it’s community use(s) a wide and expanding vocabulary of terminology used to refer to game concepts, mechanics, objects or just as plain abbreviations.

The below list attempts to compile this and provide a meaningful explanation where necessary.

    • Ambush: Game mode – DUST514 equivalent of Team Deathmatch
    • Aim Down Sights: The scope through which you look when using the weapon’s zoom capability. When the weapon has no scope but allows you to zoom nonetheless then the term ADS does not apply (makes sense, but correct me if I am wrong)
    • ADS: See Aim Down Sights
    • AR: Assault Rifle
    • AV: Anti-Vehicle
    • AV Nades: Anti-Vehicle grenades
    • AUR: Alternative in-game currency (Aurum) – used to purchase special items. Can be purchased from the Playstation Store
    • Blueberries: A common term for team members that are not in your squad or affiliated with a player based corp. The name comes from the blue icon that represents allies on the overview and minimap
    • BPC: BluePrint Copy – Any consumable item (Module/Weapon/Tool/Vehicle/Turret/Installation/Dropsuit)
    • BPO: BluePrint Original – A variant of a consumable item that never runs out. Easily distinguished by it’s blue icon.
    • Capsuleer: A player in EVE. In EVE, a player’s character resides inside a capsule. The capsule act as a life support system as well as a personal transport vessel for getting around space. It is equiped with advanced neural interfaces so that the capsuleer (player) can commandeer spaceships after docking with them.

More info can be found on the evelopedia page

    • Codex: Fourth patch (v0.6) to the DUST514 closed beta – See patch notes for more info
    • Corp: Corporation – DUST514 and EVE equivalent of a clan/society/guild
    • CRU: Clone Reanimation Unit – Can refer to both the battlefield installation and vehicle/dropsuit module
    • CCP: The company that developed this game
    • Danger/Red Zone: Area on a map that is off limits to players. Staying in this zone for too long a period (about 20 seconds) will result in death
    • Derp: ?
    • DS: Dropship
    • DS3: DualShock 3 controller
    • EVE: EVE online, a Massive Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG) developed by CCP that shares the same universe as DUST514
    • Fatty: Heavy Dropsuit
    • Fit(s): Fitting(s) – DUST514 (much) enhanced equivalent of equipment loadouts
    • FG Forge Gun – Heavy Weapon Class Anti-Vehicle weapon. The charged energy it fires also deals significant damage to infantry
    • GEK (1): GEK-38 Assault Rifle (Advanced-level AR)
    • GEK (2): Killswitch GEK-38 Assault Rifle (AUR variant of the GEK-38 with prototype components)
    • GLU: GLU-5 Tactical Assault Rifle (Advanced-level Tactical AR)
    • TFU™ Harden The Frack Up, A term aimed at someone who keeps complaining about the same stuff to tell them to learn to adapt or get use to it.

Probably coined by the CCP Permaband, also a named song by the same band (link to music video)

    • HAV: Heavy Attack Vehicle
    • Installation: –
    • ISK: In-game currency – stands for InterStelar Kredit
    • Kitten: A cute and innocent replacement for any known curse word, among them the widely known and used one that ends with K
    • Logi/Logibro: Logistics Dropsuit
    • LAV: Light Attack Vehicle – Turret installation
    • LBI: Large Blaster Turret – Turret installation
    • LMT: Large Missile Turret – Turret installation
    • LRT: Large Railgun Turret – Turret installation
    • LoS: Line of Sight
    • Meta Level: The Meta level of an item indicates its quality. The higher the number, the better (and more valuable) the item often is
    • MCC: Mobile Command Center
    • MMO: Massive Multiplayer Online
    • MQ: Mercenary Quarters – your private quarters
    • Nades: Grenades
    • NeoCom: A sidebar-style navigation menu from which you can access things like your character sheet to game settings
    • NULL cannon: Massive missile launcher that works well against MCCs
    • OB: Orbital Bombardment (fired from a spaceship orbitting the planet and piloted by an EVE capsuleer)
    • OHK: One Hit Kill
    • OP: Overpowered
    • Passive SP: An in-game mechanism which allows your character to accrue SP (currently at 1/4 sec)
    • Precursor: Third patch (v0.?) to the DUST514 closed beta – See patch notes for more info
    • PG: PowerGrid
    • PS: Precision Strike (fired from the NPC controlled MCC). Inflicts less damage than an orbital strike
    • QQ: Crying/Whining
    • Redlined: A situation where a team is pined down in their staging area

A map’s perimeter is comprised of a danger zone which shows up as a red overlay on the overview and mini map. A team’s staging area is off limits to the enemy team and lies in the enemy team’s danger or red zone, hence the term redlined

    • Regen: Renerate
    • Replication: First patch (v0.?) to the DUST514 closed beta – See patch notes for more info
    • Repper: Refers to the Remote Repair Tool
    • RDV: Rapid Deployment Vehicle
    • RoF: Rate of Fire
    • Seed/Seeded: ?
    • Singularity: As of 17/8/2012 (untill ?) the server that runs DUST514. It also runs a version of EVE that allows both to be tested in a single server environment. See the Anncounement topic
    • SOON™ Describes something that we are told is coming soon (feature, functionality, update, new item(s), …) but we have heard it enough times to know better.

(Whoever is saying x event will occur soon is considered to own the trademark on the word because they have used it so many times)

  • SiSi: See Singularity
  • SCC: Surface Command Center
  • SL: Swarm Launcher
  • SMG: SubMachine Gun
  • SP: Skill Points
  • Tranquility: A centralized server cluster that hosts all EVE players except those from China, who play on a seperate server – Serenity
  • Triage: A player that carries a Nanite Injector is considered a “Triage Unit”, capable of reviving a downed player
  • TAR: Thale’s TAR-07 Sniper Rifle (Rare Sniper Rifle that can only be obtained from salvage)
  • TLC: ?
  • TQ: See tranquility
  • UVT: Universal Voice Transmitter – allows voice chat in the corp chat or any user created channel
  • WB: War Barge/Room – DUST514 equivalent of a game lobby
  • WP: War Points

This list is far from complete, and in keeping with it’s spirit, would benefit much from community feedback/suggestions

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