DUST 514 Medical Logistics Dropsuit Guide

DUST 514 Medical Logistics Dropsuit Guide by Pt3D

Let me preface this by stating, in order to be an successful Medical Logistics. One has to sacrifice the need for personal accolades (in other words, you can’t be an K/D ratio *****). See, in order to be a true medical, “Logi Bro” your team/squadmates are more important than any stat available in game. You need to have the mental fortitude to stick your neck out while Hell is going on around you. So without further ado, let’s talk Shop.

Okay, let’s talk about where should a Medical Logistics Merc put their [SP] in order to maximize their effectiveness on the field of battle. [side-note: Remember, I am going for a more defensive medical logistics path. You can mix or match this beginner training queue to fit your playstyle].

Medical Logistics Beginner Training Skill Tree

[Electronics] = Level 3 is acceptable, but try to max this asap. CPU is crucial for a Medic Logi.
[Engineering] = Level 2 at least, max this as needed in order to fit better modules.
[Shield Operation] = Level 4, this is needed to be able to learn [Shield Management]
[Shield Management] = Level 4 at least, but I max this crucial skill eventually.
[Mechanics] = Level 2 is acceptable, but go for level 4. More armor means the more damage one can take when you need to get your Mercs up, so they can put fire down range.
[Repair Systems] = Level 2 is okay, but go for at least Level 4 if toy can spare the SP. The more you invest in this skill, the shorter time that you will have to use your [Repair Tool] it’s an amazingly effective skill in keeping you alive longer.

All these are the defensive skills that I think a beginner Medical Logi should focus on. But, at the same time invest some [SP] into your preferred weapon. For instance, try to max out your preferred [LW] primary skill while doing the above. Also invest at least 3 levels of [SP] into the skill [Weaponry], and if you can Max out this skill. It gives your preferred [LW] 15% percent more damage on top of the bonuses you are getting from your primary weapon skill.

In my opinion, there is no sense in maximizing out the [Minmatar Logistics Dropsuit] skill, until you are able to use it to its full potential. That’s why I always stress to new players. Support skills are more Important in your development as a Merc, than that prototype dropsuit. Because, without all the support skills leveled you are not using that dropsuit to its full potential anyway. In other words, you are wasting money.

In war there is no prize for the runner-up.
General Omar Bradley

First of all, these basic dropsuit fittings are all available for modification based on your play style. I tend to favor a more “tanky,” medical logistics dropsuit fittings. The reason for this being, is that I know that as a combat medic, I have to survive. So, with that in mind I build my fits as defensive as possible to survive on the Front Lines.

This is a basic dropsuits fitting that all beginner Logis should have at the ready. This basic fitting is composed initially of all militia gear. But, remember over time as you gain more SP you should and can upgrade to better equipment and weapons. (This guide assumes that you know how to use the market and dropsuit fittings, if not here is my Merc helping Mercs guide to this information).

The [Starter Basic Triage Fit] is okay, but not really fit for a combat medic. So lets, edit this fit to make it more into a proper medic fit. We are going to switch out that [Militia Light Damage Modifier] to a [Militia Shield Extender]. So go ahead and add the [Milita Shield Extender] in the starter fit high slot. Once again, the logic behind this is because we want to more tank to soak up damage in order to survive firefights.

Next, we are going to replace the [Nanohive] in our equipment slot with the [Militia Repair Tool]. This is the major staple of the Medical Logistics arsenal, this tool can repair the [Armor] of friendly Mercs, vehicles, and installations. The reason for this change is obvious, but should be put into context. Most Assualt types Mercs carry nanohives on their person, put your job is not supply but to heal other Mercs. We are leaving the [Militia Armor Repairer] because we can’t heal our own armor actively, but this modules does it passively.

Last but not least, we are going to replace the [Militia PG Upgrade] with either the [Militia Cardiac Regulator] or [Militia Kinetic Catalyzer] based on if you can fit it yet, depending on your skills. The logic behind this move is simple, you have to be able to get to your Mercs to heal or revive them. These two modules can help with that. The [Militia Cardiac Regulator] allows you to run for longer, while the [Militia Kinetic Catalyzer] allows you to run faster. Both are extremely helpful in your duty to substain your fighting force.

From, here you should equip your favorite weapon and/or grenades to edit this basic Medical Logi fitting to your likening. I hope this helps you on your journey in New Eden.

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  1. Denis says:

    Hey, good guide. I love it, it really helped give me a starting point. But your recommended skills are too broad. For example you say to level up electronics or Sheild Operations. Electronics has many sub skills. If you could be more specific. that would be great. And i do not see any skills called Shield Operations and Shield Management.

    PS This is for your medical Logistics Guide

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