Dragon’s Call 2 Astrology Guide

Dragon’s Call 2 Astrology Guide by giver35

A way to give your character and pals an advantage of your choosing, provided you are lucky anough to get it.(apears around lvl20, when the 1st equip slot opens)
Inside are several things:
an inventory like space for this bonuses called Horoscopes(more slotscan be opened with Dragon Gold), an equip window a merge button for the horoscopes inside the inventory and a buttol link to a horoscope draw screen:
The draw screen holds 5 buttons that low you to try your luck for a price in gold: 8k,10k,20k,40k,60k. you get 1 free try a day but the buttons other than 8k only apear if you are VIP and can summon bishop or by chance from using the previous button:
while fishing for horoscopes you can encounter “Bad Luck”, green,blue,purple or yellow horoscopes(ranking from the most common to the rarest):
as can be seen in the picture above, horoscopescan be leveled up to (what i hear the maximum) lvl 12 it is done by letting them consume other horoscopes(by droping the one you want to gain exp ON TOP of the other):
however it is IMPORTANT to look what horoscope consumes what, because a high lvl horoscope cant be fed to a lower lvl one:
unless the lower lvl one is of a higher raryty:
and the exp needed to lvl up the horoscopes also depends on their raryty and needs same about to of exp to lvl up as its total exp.
exp to lvl2:
green= 120exp

All characters get a new horoscope equip slot every 10 lvls:
and can equip only 1 raryty type of horoscopes with same stat bonus.
The “Combine all horoscopes” button is used to feed all the horoscopes inthe inventory to the strongest one betwin them.
In the horoscope draw page there is an Exchange button that exchanges debris for horoscopes(based on the raryty the horoscopes will cost 5 or 20 debris, only purple and gold horoscopes can be exchanged that way):

as far as i know there are 3 ways to get this debris:
1) get lucky and have Bishop(the 4th of the 5 drawing buttons) give it for free.
2)be a VIP and summon bishop for 200g(the higher the VIP the more times you can do it per day) and for every summon you get 1 debri.
3)something for lvl60+ to do(im not lvl60 yet).

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