Dragon Nest SEA Potential Transfer Device Guide

Dragon Nest SEA Potential Transfer Device Guide by OffeNDerDN

Check this video

http://www.youtube.c…h?v=aZdYN-xMwQk  This video show that u can use ring lv38 to lv40 epic

this video is list potential extractor watch it in Full HD

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hmm.. weird, somehow i’ve missed few lines in accessories when merged those screens(i’ve made it when it was first introduced in dn kr and haven’t really bothered to double check).. so here goes a fix –
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potential extractor Price in Dragon nest sea
20pcs = 9000cc
50pcs = 21600cc
100pcs = 40500cc

this information from here  dn.cherrycredits.com/gigantes/
Item Potential Transfer System

With this Giga-Update, you are now also able extract and transfer all the awesome Hidden Potentials you’ve unlocked on your old equipment unto your new equipment through the use of [Potential Extractors] in 3 simple steps!

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*Potential transfer is only applicable when:
– Equipment is Epic grade and above
– Equipment is of the same type (Eg: sword to sword, axe to axe)
– Equipment are of the same level or 1 level range above (Eg: Lv. 32 to 40 and Lv. 40 to 50)
The target equipment to transfer the potential does not have any potential of its own
Potential Transfers do not affect and are unaffected by either Equipment Suffixes or Enhancement grades
[Potential Extractor] cannot be traded
[Potential Extractor] cannot be gifted from Cash Shop
[Potential Extractor] may be purchased with either Cherry Credits or DN Points



Based on what Llongy and Perfecti said:
– Yes, you can transfer ur potentials as long as it falls within the level range category. Look at the Screenshot Perfecti posted for the level range.
– Regardless whether ur item is Manti/Apoc, it is still able to transfer to Totem/Gigantes since its Level 40> Level 50. Just make sure its same Equipment Type (Staff to Staff, Orb to Orb)
– Your item is still tradable. Notice that your equipment has a “Number of Times Available for Transfering” Option, or sth along that line. Most of the time is 1 though.
– Transferring Pots is NOT combining pots. You will never get Element % with Crit % since there is no such pots.
As long its within the level range and is same rarity, regardless lousy or good rings,u r able to transfer the pots.


Transferring Pots is NOT combining pots. You will never get Element % with Crit % since there is no such pots.I think it’s suffice to say “the item which the pot will be transferred into need to be clean (no potential applied)”

by i ToLenTz

An example video on how to use potential extractor1. You need weapon, armor or accessory that are the same. ex. Gaunt – Gaunt (correct) Gaunt – Sword (wrong)
2. Must be the same level or one level above. ex. Ring lvl 38 – Ring lvl 40 (correct) Ring lvl 38 – Ring lvl 50 (wrong)
3. Your first desired potential must be on the left side socket and then on the 2nd socket you will put your main weapon and must be reverted or has no potential. ex. Manticore Axe (Perfect Potential) – +10 Totem Axe (No Potential)

By : DustySkull

question is, if you do transfer the pot
is the old item (the one you’re transferring from) going to break?

perfecti answer DustySkull

yes, because
a ) it totally makes sense
b ) it was mentioned a lot of times by people who actually used the transfer device
c ) it makes so much sense it hurts /sarcasm

NOTE: You can’t Transfer from staff to Sword or anything else just do as  :DragonPrince1106 said
Staff to staff,
orb to orb,
axe to axe,
sword to sword,
bow to bow,
and like this which mean it move in same weapon not different weapon

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  1. J_L says:

    I Wanna Know (JUST AN EXAMPLE )If Im Going To Tranfer A Lv40 Gaunt (STR:4.50%,AGI:4.50%) > Lv50Gaunt (STR:4.50%,VIT:4.50%) Which Has Already had Potential,,,,, Does It Will Combine,Add Or It Will Remain Or, Replace The Old Potential Of The Lv50??

    Plss Answer
    Thank You Guys……. :)

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