Dragon City Food Guide

Dragon City Food Guide by Joao Mendonca

This is the COMPLETE LIST for food combutation
I felt like doing this since some people had this question.

lvl 1-2=5food x4=20
lvl 2-3=10food x4=40
lvl 3-4=20food x4=80
lvl 4-5=40food x4=160
lvl 5-6=80food x4=320
lvl 6-7=160food x4=640
lvl 7-8=320food x4=1280
lvl 8-9=640food x4=2560
lvl 9-10=1280food x4=5120
=10220 total food per dragon

lvl 10-11=1664food x4=6,656
lvl 11-12=2163food x4=8,653
lvl 12-13=2812food x4=11,249
lvl 13-14=3656food x4=14,623
lvl 14-15=4753food x4=19,010
=60191 total food per dragon

lvl 15-16=6178food x4=24,713
lvl 16-17=8032food x4=32,127
lvl 17-18=10,441food x4=41,765
lvl 18-19=13,574food x4=54,295
lvl 19-20=17,646food x4=70,584
=223485 total food per dragon

lvl 20-21=22,940food x4=91,759
lvl 21-22=29,822food x4=119,286
lvl 22-23=38,768food x4=155,072
lvl 23-24=50,398food x4=201,594
lvl 24-25=65,518food x4=262,072
=829782 total food per dragon

lvl 25-26=85,173food x4=340,693
lvl 26-27=110,725food x4=442,901
lvl 27-28=143,943food x4=575,772
lvl 28-29=187,126food x4=748,503
lvl 29-30=243,264food x4=973,054
=3 080 924 total food per dragon

=4 204 601 total food per dragon to reach lvl 30

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