DK Online Basic Navigation Guide

DK Online Basic Navigation Guide by GallusGallus

Have you ever been lost and have no clue where to go?

If you click on the quest number w/ the quest you were looking for,
(by clicking on the quest number, you’ve highlighted the quest and is tracking it specifically.)

there will be a yellow arrow in the mini map for you to help you navigate and find your target.

If there’s no yellow arrow in you’re mini map, it means that you’ve reach your destination. It can get confusing sometimes since It doesn’t always show on the mini map. Press the “N” key on your keyboard to open a see-through navigation map.

This larger navigation map shows all the near NPC for a less “lost time” in-game.

If you have no clue where the mobs you need to kill are, Press the “M” key to open a world map. This will show the questing area for where you need to be to complete the quest.

If you want to skip all the unnecessary walking from different cities, please refer to this guide.
DK Online Litos Teleportation Map

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