Dino Storm Coelophysis Guide

Dino Storm Coelophysis Guide by Hyenasaurus

How they look: Small carnivorous dinosaur with a very slender build, long neck and legs and thin snout and jaws. As they level up they grow in size and gain several thin spines on the back of it’s head and neck, as well as cheeks, tail and chest in the later levels, but they never grow larger than a second stage pachycephalosaur.

Stat overview: Low damage, average health, lots of speed. He’s the game’s resident speedster, though it’s advised that you buy and switch to another dinosaur if you plan to PVP.

Rapid strikes: Attacks target in close range for 200% dino damage. Extra Power bumps that to 350%.
Jump attack: Jumps to target in close range and deals 300% dino damage on hit. Extra power stuns the target for eight seconds.

Strategy (PVE): As detailed in Valek24’s guide, your dinosaur’s best asset against mobs is kiting; AKA using your speed to literally walk circles around the mob’s starting point, never getting out of range and forcing it to trail behind you hopelessly without ever getting a hit in. A good Coelophysis player can kite mobs many levels above his/her own and still come out victorious, though before jumping into battle watch out exactly how much space you have available, and for any obstacles or walls around the mob you might want to avoid. If kiting is impossible due to space constraints or multiple enemies targeting from different points, keep moving. Wether moving in zigzag or in thight ellipses, try to put as much distance between you and your target. After all, risking losing your target and going back for a second try is better than dying and having to walk all the way over there again from a respawn point, unless you’re absolutely positive your dino can defeat it head-on.

Strategy (PVP): Keep. Moving. With a bad damage output, and a defense not that good either, you want to put as much distance as your gun’s range allows from the likes of Carnotaurus or Brachiosaur players, and that’s where your speed can shine. Use kiting to keep their dinosaur away from yours, but try to keep as erratic as you can, because if you try to do perfect circles, they -will- catch on. Keep an eye out for dinosaurs with the ability to charge like the Centrosaur, because they will use that to get on close range. You don’t want that.
As for the abilities… without Extra Power, don’t bother with them. Really, just don’t, specially Rapid Strikes. Unless you’re fighting another Coelophysis player or a player whose dino’s level is lower than yours, you don’t want to get into the first’s range, or use the second to bring you into the first’s range. Their damage output is just not enough to risk your HP over. Jump Attack on Extra Power, however, is another story. With it’s long stun time, use it to paralyze your pursuers and pump them full of your weapon of choice, AND your rapid strikes!
Another added value to the Coelophysis, specially in turf/clan wars, is how overlooked he tends to be. Coelophysis is a master of confusion-fu. In a massive group battle filled with Carnotaurus and Centrosauruses, how are you going to notice that the one depleting your health right now is hard-to-click, fast little Coelophysis weaving between the legs of his bigger allies? It’s not until he’s stunned you leaving you at the mercy of his bigger teammates that you regret not taking him out earlier.

Conclusion: Similar to the first plane/car/ship/etc you get in most games, Coelophysis as your starter dinosaur is not much of a threat on his own, but can be very dangerous in the hands of skilled players. However, if you plan to play solo PVP a lot, you might be interested in acquiring another dinosaur.

I will do another about Parasaurolophus once I play with him some more, but you’re welcome to submit it before I do if you’re an experienced Paras player already -u-

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