Dino Storm Beginner’s Guide

Dino Storm Beginner’s Guide by Valek24

So you’ve just done the starter quest and have now just entered dinoville for the first time, you’re daunted by what’s in front of you but you’re also excited about making a name for yourself; only problem is you don’t know how to go about it all. Well no longer do you need to worry because valek24 (Aka Vulture on the forums) is here to help.

First things first – Know your dinosaur: The starter dino is the Coelophysis. He may look tiny and weak but he’s not to be underestimated. His stat build is as follows: Dino Strength (That’s the dinosaurs close range damage) is on the low scale, Vitality (Health) is medium whilst it’s endurance (Speed) is high. Just looking at the stats you can see it’s main strength is it’s ability to be faster than the other dinos. So how does this help me survive you may ask? Well here’s the trick! Most mobs (Computer enemies) move at a set speed, usually fast to catch up to you after the initial strike then a standard speed to chase after you from that point onwards. The coelo as we’ll be calling him can literally walk (at a fast pace) and, by turning in large circles, it is able to lead the mob behind it. This tactic is most commonly known as kite or kiting as you look like there is an invisible string between you and the mob, thus keeping that all important distance from them. Now, you may have the urge to run off and keep shooting at the mob but if you go too far from the mob’s starter point it will run back and regain it’s health. How annoying you may say but it’s a life saver if you’re low on health and need to escape. So if in doubt run out.

So just to recap – your starter dinosaur is Dino Storms resident roadrunner. Use his speed to your advantage when engaging mobs and also when engaging other players outside of dinoville (i’ll be going over pvp a bit later in this guide so keep reading.

Quests So you now know your starter dino’s strengths and you feel ready to get out there and start leveling up. Great so first thing is first is find the quest givers. Hey don’t worry, I won’t make you go looking for them yourselves although that is a great way to become familiar with dinoville.

There are 4 quest givers in dinoville. The first one you meet is Karl Nelson and he’s just outside of dino canyon. He gives relatively easy quests and is the perfect starting point for any new dino rider.

The second quest giver is Joy Barker and she can be found by pushing the M key on your keyboard and opening up the map. Now that you have the map open you will see that dinoville is made up of an inner circle, a middle circle and an outer circle. Joy Barker is to be found in the bottom left middle cirlce, below the skin art store. Hover over the houses and you can get a description of what each building is.

The 3rd quest giver is Peggy Warren and she can be found by looking at the map and heading to the top right hand side of the middle circle, above the auction house.

The 4th and final dinoville quest giver is Ted Walters. He’s the hardest one to find and is located on the far right hand side of the outer circle. Just below the two small field patches on the map, and up the path from the really big field.

Now that you have found the quest givers it’s time to get questing. In dinoville there are two rewards that cycle around the quest givers. Evolution Serum and Gun tuning kits. The evolution serum is used to level up your dinosaur, leading towards better stats and and eventually a new and bigger look. The Gun tuning kits work in the same way as serum but this time they are for…you guessed it, the gun. You need to search the quest givers for your chosen reward as some will do the kits and others serum, this changes around from time to time so keep checking back every hour or so.

Group quests These quests are the big daddy of the quests in dino storm. They give a bigger payout and usually require several players to complete, although some in dinoville can be done alone. aside from a bigger reward payout they also give better player exp so if lvling is your game then these are the ones to look out for.

A quick note to be made Quests in dino storm have a percentage mark. The more quests you do for a person the more it will go down. the lower it is the less the reward etc. when it hits zero it’s not worth doing anymore, move on and find another person. On the map the ones with bright blue exclaimation marks are the high rewards and the greyed out ones are the almost zero percetange quest givers.

Once you have got all quests down to a low percentage and leveled up, it’ll be time to move to gold fields or Mokon wood. (Located on the map as the far left for Goldsfields and the very bottom of map for Mokon woods. I’ll go over a bit more on these later.

Evolving my dinosaur This is one of the first things people want to do and with good reason, evolving your dinosaur is great fun! So how do you do it? Well first off you need the Evolution Serum that I mentioned in the quest section. If you didn’t read it then I suggest you go back and read it. If you did read it then lets continue. To evolve your dinosaur you will need to open your map with M and look at the bottom right middle circle. There are a cluster of buildings here and hovering over them gives you the name. The top one is called dino doctor and this is where you go to evolve. Grab your serum (just over 20 is needed for the first time) and click on upgrade. Boom there you go your dino is now upgrading to level 2. At level 3 it will get a little bigger and gain some spikes on his head. cool huh? The higher the level the more serum is needed. For example to get to a level 4 dino you need 37 Evolution Serum. So…get out there and get questing.

You also can get your first dino implant slot at lvl 6 and your second dino skill at level 8. This is a jumping strike move that’s really cool and once you have your combat meter up it can have the chance to stun mobs and players. Very useful.

Upgrading your gun This works in exactly the same way as the dinosaur evolving does. So I will only explain the difference. It’s called the Weapons expert and it’s located in the same string of buildings, just this time it is the second from the last at the bottom. You just gather the needed gun tuning kits and get upgrading. Don’t quote me on this but I think it’s also the same amount needed for the dinosaur evolving, so with that said just over 20 should cover you for your first ever upgrade.

At level 2 you get the awesome ranged missle skill, perfect for pulling in mobs and the like. Move to a distance where the skill lights up then fire. To test the range I suggest walking right up to a mob and selecting it, but don’t push attack. Move away till the skill lights up to determine the range. At level 6 you gain your first weapon tech slot (Used for improving it’s stats when you get hold of a tech item that can be gained from the chapter quests, same for the dino implant I didn’t explain in more detail). Then at level 8 you get the close range shotgun missle skill, it looks awesome and it great when you are too close to use your missle.

A bit of the basics Just to help out, if you click on your characters picture you bring down a drop menu. By clicking on each one you can explore where they each take you too. The main ones I regularly use are profile, clan and achievements. You can also press P on your keyboard to bring up the profile. from there you can select your profile, the dino or the gun profile. Also I almost forgot a major menu on the drop down. Game Guide! This is your holy bible to unlocking new trial items. You start at chapter 1 and work your way through bit by bit. You can see what rewards you get including the dinos, New skins, dino implants, gun tech and potions.

New dinos It’s more than likely you’ve seen players walking around with at least 1 of the other dinosaurs in the game. And I bet you’re now wondering how on earth do I get one of those? Well first off check the in game: game guide mentioned above for what you need to do in order to gain it on trial.

Now when I say trial I mean you get the baby version and you can’t evolve it anymore. Yes I know that you were hoping to grow up a fully adult carnotaurus and who doesn’t? But the thing is you gotta work a little bit more to gain your reward. But it’s not all bad because gaining a dino on trial means you can unlock it for half the price it normally would be. So lets say you need 88,000 dino dollars to unlock the carnotaurus. How would you find all those dollars?

Farming mob loot for dollars and the market The simple answer is farming (Attacking mobs for loot). Smilodons, brontops, entelodons, centrosarus, brachiosaurus and coelophysis mobs all drop loot. Not to mention the desert rocks found in the entrance of goldfields as well as tropical plants scattered in Mokon woods. Finding the loot is one thing but selling it in the market (found in the inner circle on the dinoville map) is another thing. You see, the market value for an item goes down over time depending on how many people sell that type of loot. So if everyone and their grandma is farming the level 3 smilodons dotted about dinoville, you gonna know they’re hardly worth anything.

You could just search the areas for the different kinds of loot and work out which one is better or, you could go to the market with no loot in your bag and see what it says is worth the most. Golds and Mokon are great places to gain dino dollars if you can spare an hour to do the work. And trust me your efforts will eventually pay off. And, while you are farming you can be saving up the evolution serum for your next dinosaur.

PVP How to survive in the wild west – To survive outside of dinoville you’re gonna have to play smart. First rule of thumb is: Don’t attack the first player you come across You can’t expect to solo a carnotaurus player just like that, so don’t try. If they don’t try to attack you first then thank yourself lucky and move on quickly. As you’re most likely to be using starter dino (unless you paid real money to tame one of the other dinos on trial) you’ll want to be relying on your speed against other players. The kiting technique mentioned at the beginning of this guide is especially effective against Carnotaurus players as they’re best asset is their close range bites. Stay out of range and keep shooting. Don’t waste your money on potions as you should save them for moments when you absolutely need them. Just live off the reward potions for now.

Stick to the quests and keep an eye out on other players, if they start walking towards you without any reason to do so then be on alert, they may be about to attack. Don’t hit unless hit as they will be outlawed and you won’t be marked with a skull. So you’re in a fight with another Coelophysis player. What do you do? Well it mostly comes down to what level your gun and dino are at. The higher they are the better your chances. I’d expect you’d be at least level 8 so keep shooting till your power meter reaches full then use the leap stun attack. get in a few close range hits then run off just enough to use your missle on them. keep them at range and try this again. If you die it’s no biggie, you don’t lose anything and any dropped loot can be picked up again. Just check your location on the map then respawn to pick it all up again.

If you were wrongly killed there is a chance a bounty hunter AI will come to the rescue at some point so avoid the outlawed player for a bit. Failing that get some friends together and go take the down. Numbers always win in the end.

Claims (mines and teleporters) Claims are the best ways to make honor in order to win in elections and gain rewards and status. There are two types of claims, the mines and the teleporters. To take one you need to either find a neutral one (White) Or attack someone’s claim (Green) and turn it red. Once it reaches zero percent it will go white and you can begin to supply it. You supply it with well…supplies. You can use 18 gold coins or buy the supply pack from the specials store (located below the weapons expert in dinoville) for 2389 dino dollars.

Teleporters: These are what you use to respawn after you lost a fight with a mob or player. They cost nothing to use, just you have to wait on a timer to expire till it becomes available. By owning a teleporter you gain a fame item in the teleporter console each time someone dies and uses your teleporter. It’s pretty cool but they aren’t worth much fame unless a pvp war takes place and no one decides to take your teleporter off your hands while you’re not watching.

Mines These are currently the best way to make honor in the game. You own the mine and every 5 mins or so you make 1 or 2 items of gold nuggets or tinsel. Now don’t get these confused with the in game gold coins because these nuggets and tinsel can only be sold for honor. Once you have enough, Grab your loot from your mine and sell it at the market. the price goes down over time like other loot so be warned. Also if you see someone guarding their claim it’s usually best and also polite to not attack them. Hell if you still want to then go ahead but be ready for backup to come to their aid or for them to hold a vendetta. I like to find an empty claim (plenty of them around during certain times in the day) and I might stand around and guard it. Very rarely do people try to steal it and if they do I soon see them off. Remember, once you leave your claim and go some place else it is free game so don’t be surprised if someone tries to take it. It’s a tough world out there.

Elections So you probably have a bit of fame to your name and want to join in on elections but…you have no idea how they work. Well it’s a good thing I’m here to help explain. Elections take place at the town hall which is to be found in the inner circle of dinoville. There are 3 levels separated into sections. Central Rangers, Dino Central and Dino Ville. If you’re starting out you can only participate in the Central Rangers elections. You’re effectively a nobody so you’ve got to make a name for yourself in order to move up the ranks. So if you’re starting out you can only apply for the ranger position which is at the bottom. 5 people can take up this spot at one time so you have a good chance of getting one if you keep on top of your honor. The way they work are you have to apply 24 hours or more before elections begin. Clicking on a post will tell you the time left so click on a few till you find one you can apply to.

The next hurdle to beat are the other players. The one with the highest honor wins the position so you’ve got to fight them all. Applying also costs money so don’t apply unless you are confident you will win. Once you win you will be able to apply for the one directly above and so on so forth. The competition becomes a lot more fierce the higher you go so keep on top of that honor. Once you make director you can wave at those below you and finally travel to the next district, which can be accessed by clicking on the more options button. keep at it and maybe one day you’ll make sheriff.

Clans Clans are your typical guild. You join one and you gain players who are able to help you out. You can join any clan by either visiting the saloon found in the inner circle of dinoville or you can click on a players name or character and navigate to their profile. From there click on the bottom option and click clan. Once in the clan view select the bottom button and press apply. If they have space this will be available and the leader or officers of a clan will check your profile then let you in. To make sure you get in you can always try to contact one of their members or even befriend them. This is more than likely the best way of getting into a clan. Alternatively you can also make a clan of your own by heading to the saloon mentioned above and paying a small amount of dino dollars. hey it’s practically free.

Dinosaurs There are a total of 7 dinos in the game so far and more will be added later. I only know the stats of 3 of them. The Coelophysis is the speedster of the game, Carnataurus is the close ranged damage with medium health and slow speed and the Brachio is high health, medium attack and slower speed. If anyone knows the base stats of any of the other dinos please let me know.
To get the carnotaurus you need to complete chapter 2 of the game guide. For the Parasaur you need to help out quests givers in Mokon woods and for the Centrosaurus you need to help quest givers in goldfields. For the pachycephalosaurus you just need to complete a large number of quests in any of the territories in the game. The Brachiosaurus is unlocked a few ranks up from elections, around the middle post and lastly the Illusive T-rex is unlocked from making it all the way up to sheriff in elections.

Just a quick note about fame: certain items of clothing and also dino skins can give daily fame bonuses along with holding a position after wining an election. you can buy some for dollars or the cheap dino gold items worth about 18 gold pieces, it’s worth investing in if you want to get to the top.

This concludes my (What I hope is) a comprehensive beginners guide to the basics of playing in Dino Storm. Have a read and if I missed anything vital let me know and I’ll add it in.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in the game, don’t forget to say hello. If anyone wants to quote this guide or change it into another language you are welcome to do it just don’t forget to mention my name as the original author. Many thanks

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