Diablo 3 Leoric’s Signet Farm Route Guide

Diablo 3 Leoric’s Signet Farm Route Guide by elocut

I will explain my methods and how I was able to farm 11 Leoric Signets in a 3 week period.

Upper Alcarnas -> Lower Alcarnas -> Road to Alcarnas

Run starts on the Lair of the Witch, the checkpoint outside Magdah’s Lair.
Do a quick circle, taking out the Mobs in the Upper Alcarnas.
Head down the stairs, take out the 1-2 elites and the mobs in Lower Alcarnas.
Head south-west and clear the mobs in Road to Alcarnas.
This full circle will take you to the waypoint, waypoint out and leave the game.
Rinse and Repeat.

95% of the monsters are level 17 & 18 (except Dune Thrashers and Fallens), these are the only 2 levels of that will drop a Leoric Signet. levels 19+ will drop Mandala’s Heal, so this is the best place I’ve found to farm.

While doing this run, you can find other legendaries worth selling.

  • Aquilia Curias (3 socket + exp)
  • Genzaniku (socket + exp)
  • Pox Faulds (2socket)
  • Scrimshaw (socket + exp)
  • The Barber (socket +21dps)
  • Crudest Boots (vit + exp)
  • Genzaniku (socket + exp)
  • Vigilante Belt (vit + exp)

So far I have made $148 just from this run alone, And i kinda find diablo boring to play.. It was fun while it lasted, but I feel it is finally time to share my secret run with the public, so you can flood the market with Leorics as well.

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