Diablo 3 Legendary Hunting Guide

Diablo 3 Legendary Hunting Guide by Stimmer

Greetings my fellow Legendary hunters! For the past few weeks I’ve kept track of some data from my runs to give a little insight on drop rates using a controlled route and set MF. So lets get to it!

The Gear-
There is a lot of debating going on if it’s better to go full DPS gear over maxing MF. I always ran with cap MF of 300%. Generally speaking you can find high end gear that has MF, but you give up a primary stat to roll MF on piece. As such, most of these pieces go for a reasonable price and allow you to farm MP:1 easily. As you gain Paragon Levels you can drop pieces for more high end pieces w/o the need for MF on the piece to reach the cap.
Take a look at my profile for some ideas – http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Stimmer-1564/hero/981

The Route-
1)The Core Of Arreat
2)Tower of the Damned Level:1
3)Arreat Crater Level:2
4)The Keep Depths:3
5)The Keep Depths:2(Either WP to LvL:1 and zone in, or find it in LvL:3)
6)The Bridge of Korsikk(Run into Fields of Slaughter) (Clear Icefall Caves)

As you can see this is pretty much just a modified Alkazier run. I added Depths:3, Stonefort, and to clear Icefall Caves. I clear this route anywhere from 18-23 minutes.

What Monster Power?-
If you have problems destroying MP:1, stick with MP:0 until you can get cap MF and can clear elite packs on MP:1 in under 15-20 seconds. For my barb, right around 100K DPS is when MP:1 became cake. Whites are 1-2 shot, and Champ Packs take under 20 seconds.
For others with higher Paragon and better gear I’d bump the MP up accordingly.

Drop Rates-
Number of Runs: 65
Legendaries: 38
Average Drop Rate Per Run: 0.58%
Most Runs w/o A Drop: 5
Most Consecutive Runs w/ a Drop: 7
Most Drops in a Run: 2
Runs w/ 2 drops: 4

My highest selling item was a Socketed Shenlong’s Relentless Assault that I sold for 100 million. I had a few rare amulets and rings that sold for 5-25 million a pieces. Mempo sold for 7 million, Zunimassa’s Pox sold for 25 million. These were some of the noteables that sold. The reality is a lot of Legendarys are crap, but if you keep grinding you’ll get lucky. I sold about half my drops from anywhere 100K to 1million. It adds up as you go along.

I hope this had shed a little light and insight for those having trouble farming legendaries. I’d love for others to track their runs using the same set of controls to get more data. If anyone has any suggestions to improve the runs, please share! Thanks everyone.

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