Dark Blood Online FAQ

Dark Blood Online FAQ by choppasystem

1. What does comboing do? Less/No MP usage? Cause hitting the skill button is definitely faster.

Combo are a must. you can use less or more mp base on items and character. Definitely more damage.

for example:
Crusaders can X times 3-4 >strike 2-4> (skill that does hits base on the level), upper slash(pop them into air)>X times 2> rising slash (another aerial with multiple hits) More damage and a spread out mp. If you have good regeneration.

another one:
Double dash attack > X times 2> upper slash> X times 2> rising slash.
with this one If I don’t do X times 2 sometimes you’ll miss upper slash. if i just press it.

If you just spam your skills all the time with low mp stats. You’ll waste alot of gold buying mp pots.

2. Is it possible to max out every skill? I had to spent 2 AR points for just one skill level, seems pretty much, do we even get enough points later on?

you can max out a skill just make sure its a good skill. If you need to get a certain skill before you can get it. get the Preq. Like lvl4 strike to get double dash attack. Yes you get points by leveling or questing.

3. Do you recommend clearing every map on unique first, instead of moving on with the quests?

I rather do quest first (items still drop),farming later. Or if I know only a certain item drop a dungeon then I just grind it when I feel like it.

4. Why is the stamina system still present. I believe it to be unnecessary. In some parts of asia this system is obligatory as per law, but I dont think it should make its way into the western game industry. Vindictus brought it with it to NA, but not the EU version, and its definitely a BIG plus, to not be forced to wait (or pay) just to play.

I understand what your coming from. Example from Korea, you still have to follow certain controls of the game since they made it. ( I use to play Dungeon fighter online and Dungeon and fighter I’m just use to it.) Either make another character or pvp. Just for now try control your stress level. But it does suck. especially when your farming for a item that hard to get.

5. What is this Guild system?

When you reach level 20 you can create a guild throu guild masters in villages.
-You have to pay 100k to create a guild.
-You have to be in party of 4 lvl 20+.

You can get guild points by completing guild quests you get from npcs.
You can level up your guild via those guild points.
When you level up your guild you can select various kind of passive guild skills.
You can’t join another guild for 24h after you leave one.

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