Citizen GRIM FAQ

Citizen GRIM FAQ by Torrent

Below are some tips and answers to frequently asked questions regarding Citizen Grim:

What are resource buildings?
Resource buildings are player built structures. There are empty land plots located around the map regions where player buildings my be constructed. Users can select from 4 resource buildings that require Coins or Gold build and once built, players can loot their corresponding resources. Your resource buildings are capable of being upgraded at a cost and have multiple tiers. Each building upgrade level will yield extra resources. You can also buy walls for extra protection by going to the build screen and clicking the “Walls” tab.

  • Pharmacy (Provides Med packs)
  • Army Surplus (Provides Bullets)

Premium Buildings:

  • Bank (Provides Coins)
  • Grocery Store (Provides Energy)

The Grocery Stores and Banks cost Gold to build because of how rare and precious their resources are. Each resource building has an individual cool-down once a purchase is made. Static region buildings can be looted but, cost one energy to do so. These buildings will provide players with various resources and quest items.

What is Gold?
Gold is the premium currency in Citizen Grim. It can be purchased with Facebook Credits. Gold is used to purchase various items and resources.

What are coins used for?
Coins are a secondary currency in GRIM. Coins are collected from completing missions and looting buildings. Coins can be used to purchase items and Mercs from the market.

How do I buy bullets?
There are 2 ways buy bullets. You can either build some Army Surplus and use energy to purchase them or you can click the + symbol next to your bullet counter in the game and use Gold to buy some.

What can I do with energy?
Energy is used for a number of things in GRIM. It can be used for unlocking loot boxes and looting static buildings, that hold valuable items needed to complete missions. Energy is also needed when you want to VS a friend. You receive energy by purchasing it with Gold, and if you are lucky, you can sometimes find it when looting buildings and by killing enemies.

How do I buy weapons and items?
You can buy items with Coins or Gold by clicking the shopping cart icon (Market). When you purchase a weapon or armor it will auto equipped – don’t worry about about losing your old items, they can be found and switched out in your profile, under the Equipment tab.

What are Mercs used for and where do I buy them?
Mercs are non-player controlled allies that will assist you in taking out your enemies. They can be equipped with various weapons but, they consume bullets and need health packs to survive prolonged attack. If a merc dies it can be revived using energy. Mercs can be purchased with coins and with Gold from the Market place under the Mercs tab. A limit of 3 Mercs can be used at any given time.

How do I view and change my equipment?
You can both view and change your gear by clicking the Profile icon and selecting the Equipment tab. Equipment is changed by dragging and dropping the preferred item into your inventory slots, then you are ready to rock.

What happens if I get knocked out/die?
You have 2 options; you can always ‘Try Again’ this will simply revive you and put you back in the game but your current wave and score will be reset. If you want to keep your current score and wave you can choose to ‘Revive’ which uses Adrenaline Packs. Adrenaline Packs are purchased with Gold. Using Adrenaline Packs may give you a strong advantage in competitions and various challenge situations.

How do I unlock new regions on the map?
Regions are unlocked when they become available and are then, only entered by completing story missions.

How do I fight my friends?
VS mode is a mode which you can battle your friends. Your friends are Non-player controlled in this mode but, this allows you to fight them when they are off-line. VS outcome is highly based on stats and items – so be sure to gear up. You can select friends to VS from the bottom bar in the game and then click VS. You can also select friends you see running around town and click them to go into VS mode. There is also a VS building that you may click on to enter this mode and select from your list of game friends. VS costs energy to initiate.

What are Reapers?
Reapers are the afflicted enemy hordes that roam the regions in GRIM, though similar to the notorious zombies we all know and love; Reapers are a mutant force to be reckoned with. There are several types of Reapers that vary in difficulty and appearance. There are also non-Reaper enemies such as Punks who are hostile survivors. Punks are trigger-happy and attack players on sight, so be ready.

What do the boars do?
They run around and squeal a lot. Make sure you kill them. Why? Because it’s fun!

How do I complete Missions?
Missions are initiated during game play via pop-ups that can be selected by the player. Missions can also be started by talking with NPCs when they become available. Most missions require you to do specific tasks that involve collection or extermination. Players receive rewards for completing missions and progression in GRIM is dependent on mission completes.

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