ChronoBlade Lophi Guide

ChronoBlade Lophi Guide by Decepticle

Now lets get into Lophi. Lophi is an agile mage/trickster with a lot of cool combos and debuffs. Her combos options and skills can wreck enemies and she rewards a tactical minded player.

Notable Skills – (This won’t cover every skill, just what I have tested thus far, can and will update as I try more of her arsenal)

** Note about Summoner Tree **
Presently I am not impressed with the Summoner tree. Most of the spells have long cast times, mediocre effects, and low damage. If the spells were faster they may become more useful but in their present state I have a hard time endorsing any skill from that tree. Something Heavy might be strong but the skills along the way down to it don’t strengthen you enough.

Shadow Step – This skill is great for entering or exiting combat, reasonably safe, good damage. I haven’t fully grasped how it works but somehow you can make it go further or shorter, but it tends to do the opposite for me from what I want. Still, solid skill. You can generally keep your combo with this skill too with practice.

Shadow Shift – Makes a dark pool where your attacks hit way harder, gives you this cool shadow faced graphic, and causes a mild hitstun upon casting. I have a hard time utilizing this spell most of the time, but it is a good damage increase. Play around with it, its not bad, just sometimes hard to pin enemies. Good on bosses.

Consume – This spell takes some finesse but can be quite useful. Trick is you need a few enemies at once to get value out of it, as it can pay for itself or even refund energy if you hit enough targets. Good for whittling down tougher enemies. Easy combo starter as well, though it can put enemies into counter attacks so be careful. Cast time is a bit long so don’t do it point blank.

Pyrotechnics – This spell got phased out of my build but its solid. You drop a bomb which can knockback very close enemies, then after roughly 3 seconds it detonates launching enemies into the air and puts a DoT on them. Damage is so-so, I think it could use a boost since there is such a delay. It has its uses.

Frozen Frame – I want to really like this spell, I try to use it often but its cast time and range almost always get me wailed on. Its a cool levitate slow spell that can get you out of a jam but I wish it came out a little faster.

Shatter – Now this is an awesome spell. The animation, the pay off, getting a good set up and blowing up a group of mobs always feels good when you cast this. Currently be careful/aware that aoe spells have a bug right now that sometimes they don’t cause hitstun or damage, which is a real bummer but I trust the developers to get that sorted out. Get this spell on your bar as soon as you can. Fun fact – this spell does even more damage the more debuffs an enemy has on them!

Traits –

Heavy Handed – 10% damage increase on basic attacks. Lophi does solid damage with her combos so don’t underestimate this trait.

Hoarfrost Strike – 10% chance to slow enemies on your basic attacks. This counts as a debuff for purposes of Shatter. Very handy for Lophi’s hit and run playstyle.

Eroding Strikes – 40% chance to lower armor of the target, and stacks. I’m not sure armor shred is a debuff for Shatter purposes. (Would be cool to get clarification on that) But this alone adds a large deal of damage to your combos. Very strong trait.

Moxie – Unlike Aurok this trait says 25 and only gives 25. If anything I think Lophi should have the higher one if one is to be higher. Likely a bug on Aurok’s part.

Scrappy / Resolve – These both add to your survivability. Scrappy seems better once you get some ok armor but both get the job done.

Builds –
Skills – Shadow Step / Shadow Shift / Consume / Shatter
Traits – Heavy Handed / Scrappy / Hoarfrost Strike / Eroding Strikes

Currently heavy shadow is the way I go with Lophi. Jetting in and out of combat, softening targets, then dashing in for an epic Shatter is really rewarding. Shadow offers strong combo damage potential. I find this build and Lophi in general very rewarding to play.

Notable Combos –

D>D>D>S – Forgot the proper name to this combo, but for reference Lophi will revolve her sphere around her then loose it in front of her allowing it to snake forward and back. This combo hits over 10x and if you catch a group of enemies you can easily rack up large combos quickly. Only drawback is that you can’t cancel/dash from this so be care. This is one of Lophi’s strongest tools, but be careful. D>D>D>D is a terrible combo and will drop your existing combo so be sure not to mash, it gets some getting used to the timing but it works wonders.

Space>Space – Not a combo but something to get used to using, Lophi has an Air-Dash! This gets you out of major jams and even goes farther after sprinting.

These are what I have so far, i’ll add more as I get to play her more. Hope you find this helpful. If you disagree with my Summoner assessment let me know, I would love to know other players strats and habits.

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