Chrono Tales Warrior Guide

Chrono Tales Warrior Guide by Tifa

Please Read: This is my personal guide, by no means this is the best build. There are many great builds like Dodge Warrior/ Stamina Warrior/ Pure Strength Warrior.
Warrior class is a very common class in Chrono tales currently. It has great strength, and Hp. Great for Player verse Player, and overall PVE

Guide for Pure Strength Warrior
As we know Pure strength warriors rely on Pure power of attack. This is usually a Build for PVPers.
Now anyone can just level to 40 or so, and put every stats on strength and still get owned.
So gears play a huge role in this.
I will explain the basics.
A full Str warrior also needs things like Hit.
Whats the point of all STR if you miss on your opponents.

So gears you should try to get while being a Pure STR is:
Gears which give HIT
Gears which give STR
Gears which give STAM/HP
Gears which Give CRIT

Gears with HP will cover up the loss of HP due to the Pure str.
Crit is very important if you want to 1hitko.

Putting Gems on Equipment:
If you want to be a straight up power monster,
Put a Attack 3%/5% on every piece of your main gear with slots.
This helps give you extra strength/Attack.

Get ATK and HP

Stamina Warrior Build

Stamina Warrior can be very Powerful, and great Tankers. This is a great build for PVP/PVE.
A Pure Stamina warrior build can be hard to get right, but if you do, you will dominate any class.

Great Stamina warriors don’t just rely on Stamina, they make sure they get even more HP from gears.
They also make up for STR/Attack with gears. They usually lack in Hit points, but their Hp saves their butt from that.

Basic Things you should look for in Gears:
HP/STAM- Very Important to being more Ultimate
STR- Make sure you have Str to make up the attack
Hit- Hit is also needed alot, this is why most Stamina Warriors fail.
Crit- As always some Crit is needed, which you can easily get from Gears.

Make sure all sockets have Hp 3%/5%.
You can also mix with Atk 3%’s.

Make sure to try to get HP and ATK.


As you know PVP is a huge thing in Chrono tales. Everyone loves it!
But some people don’t know how to properly use skills and tricks to beat an opponent.
This guide will help you figure some of that out. This is my personal way, and it’s not the best, but
it will surely give you some ideas.

First thing is skills setup, which to use first:

This is mine setup:

1. Wild Dash– Grants —% damage, depending on level of it, has a –% to stun target.
You always want to stun the target first.

2. Blade Whirl– Grants —% damage and increases casters movement speed by –% for 20 secs.
I use this because it crits alot, and if you need to run really quick, you get a huge speed bonus.

3. Deep cut– Grants alot of damage and makes opponent lose 300 Hp for 5 secs
This move is awesome, when the enemies Hp is getting low after the first 2 skills, this skill kicks in
and usually takes the rest of their lives with the 300 damage each second.

4.  Sword Sweeping– Does –% damage to targets within 11 meters.
This is a AOE for warriors, and it usually just a skill to finish off remains of HP.

So this is the basic order you would press your keys, and if one of the
first skills cooldown before the Sword Sweep, use the ones before.

Of course warriors got some nice Buff Skills, which you should use before you
even start to battle.  (Beserk, Combat Formation)

Class Battling


Assassin can be a pain in the butt ^.^ wtihout properly knowing there weakness. They will usually start off with there invisible skill.
What you want too do is use your buff skills, and run around. You can see a purple cloud which is the assassin
(invisible). When you see his close, just start jump around as far as you can, but stay at the distance that you can counter right back with Wild dash.
Once the assassin hits you, or misses, counter back with Wild dash, and destory him fast.
If your doing arena, on the second round, the Assassin’s invisible skill is usually on Cool down, so rush to him, and destory him.


Believe or not, this can be one of the hardest classes for Warriors. Priest have high chances of Sealing there opponents before they even get close, and after that they usually run you down with skills very fast. Priest are very powerful and Warriors defense usually doesn’t save them for priest skills unless you have good MDEF.

Beating a priest involves getting close to them as possible. When your fighting, get on a mount and rush to the priest, they will try to attack you with there range, but just jump around. Once your in distance, use Wild dash, and just smash through. They usually have low Hp so they would die at this point.


Mages are very powerful also if geared properly. They usually have a skill which can last about 2 mins, a shield that absorbs all the damage. But again follow the same ways as Priest, and just attack them, it will break the shield soon enough when they run out of HP. Mages will be hard for Warriors with low hp, you will usually get 1hitkoed.


Scholars have good range, and will usually try to kill you before that. They are weak sauce when you get close and stun them.
Scholars are very easy for Warriors, and you should have no trouble.


Finally Warriors, which can be trouble. Because you are fighting someone who has everything you have skill wise.
This fight depends on GEAR, and that’s it. Get good gear, follow the skills setup, and do your best.

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