Chrono Tales Sins and Darkcage System Guide

Chrono Tales Sins and Darkcage System Guide by JaeHppm

Hi guys Jason here, since alot asked me about how the Sins system works. Well I’ll explain how it will work below:

What is sins ?
-Sin is an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law.

Ok so whats the law ?
-Turning on PK mode and atking innocent low levels or AFK players
Each person you kill you will get 50 sins, when your sin reach over 250 you will be sent to Darkcage (Jail).

How to get rid of your sins ?
-Well if your not in Darkcage (Jail) your sins will deduct 3 unit each minute. But if your in a Darkcage means each sins will equal to 1 minute
For example:
249<= sins = Not in Darkcage = 83 minutes till all your sins will disappear
The math is 249 : 3 = 83 minutes

250>>sins = Darkcage = 250 minutes in Jail

So make sure you guys don’t go in Darkcage because the only thing you can do their is to wait for your sins to deducted, you can’t meditate or use any Chat Channel except Local Chat. Also remember, if you log off your sins will not be deduct so Yes you need to stay Online in the Darkcage for your sins to reduce.

When do you get sins and when won’t you get it ?
-For example if someone turn on your PK mode and attack you. The system will notice your infront of your screen
“Someone is atking you, grab your weapon and fight back”
So if he/she kill you, they will get sins but if you killed them when they started it 1st you wont get any sins.

Crystal Defending

-You will get sins if the person didn’t try to attack your crystal and you killed them. But if they attack your crystal, then same like someone PKing you. The system will notice you with the following line.
“xxx is atking your crystal at xxxx, go and kick his/her butt.”

You won’t get sins if you get that message popped up infront of your screen otherwise x.x

So basicly this is how Sins system works. Try not to kill people if they didn’t harm you. Or else you will get Sins + a debuff which can be stacked up to 5 times. Then your going to Darkcage.

I forgot the most important thing about Crystal Defending, if you guys plant it in a Safe Zone. Theres nth you can do except watching people break it. So be careful, Ill write a full guide about crystal planting 2mrw.

Hope this guide help you guys figure out a bit about Sins system.

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  1. MattDarwin says:

    i have 870 sin so i will wait for 870 min dood i cannot leave that long help me please

  2. Akitomi says:

    Just asking how can i know how many sins i have left becuase its hard to know how many sins you have left by just remembering how long you have been online in darkcage

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