Chrono Tales FAQ

Chrono Tales FAQ by Tifa/Cloudx

1.What is the Closed Beta 2 Level Cap?
Current OBT Level Cap is 70.

2. Is this game Pay to Win?
Not exactly, a non casher can be top tier too, but much more time will be consumed.

Class Questions

1. What is the best class?
Any class can dominate if built right and gears matter alot.

2. Most Picked Class?


3. What are some Builds?
Check out forum section- Guild and Class Guides

4. Will there be new classes or Job Adv?
No such Information exist as of yet. But There might be new classes in the future.

InGame FAQ

1. I have no quest left?
Do your daily quest. Sometimes you will have to grind.

2. Where should I Grind at level 19-23

Mamoths, Cruel Bandits

3. Grind at level 30-39

Rippers, Coward Cave, Stone Soldiers.

4. Level 40-50
Zombies, Jellys, ANYWHERE

5. Where can I get Mall Items?
Check out the instances, which give  most Mall Items.

6. Are Ultima Skills only in the Mall?

Monster Invasion Event Bosses drop Ultima Skills

7. How do I get Courage Badges/Shards?
Survival Island, Arena Events

8. What are helper quest?

Goals that you can complete to get Gold/EXP/Daily Points

9. I ran out of Daily Points, what do I do?

You can use Diamonds/Do Helper Quest/Wait till server reset at 24.59

10. What Level can I kill People?
Level 21+ Enable  Practice mode on top Left

11. I got Sins after killing someone?
Certain amount of Sins will send you to DarkCage(Jail)

12. How to get rid of Sins?
Cool-Down, Don’t Pk for awhile, do quest.

13. People keep destorying my crystals?
It’s part of the game, stop crying, level up and destory them

14. Is Keepers Instance SoloAble?
Yes, with good Gear

15. My pets get hungry fast?
Don’t fight on it, use it for traveling. Do not mount combat

16. Are all Instance Solo?
No, after level 45+ some instance are party

17. How to get a Dragon Pet
GameDP VIP, spend 1k$ on game

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