Chrono Tales Auto Fighting Guide

Chrono Tales Auto Fighting Guide by MistarFish

Introduction: Auto-fighting is used when you don’t want to do the work of killing, basically hard grinding. Your character will automatically slay monsters for you in the area.

Hotkey: CTRL+Z

1. Yellow section – are the options for picking up item drops. Check all of the boxes for maximum item pick up utility.

2. Blue section – you can drag any of your skills (shortcut “k”) and put it in the empty boxes. By dragging any skill there, that skill will be used in auto-fighting.

3. Red section – These boxes are options that you can spend “Auto-fighting points”. Which means you will have to earn the points in order to use them. Can be obtain by meditating.

note: The point consumed rate are on the right side. The rate is per minute.

Tip: When the durability of your equipment(s) is or are low, this notice will pop up on the bottom right of your screen

Check the auto-repair equipment box only, and click save settings and then click start auto-fighting. While doing so have your character opened (shortcut key “C”) and wait until the yellow shade over your equipment disappears. This means your equipments are repaired. Have auto-fighting page opened, uncheck the auto-repair weapon, save settings and continue auto-fighting if you wish to. This will save you points. FYI This trick will only work an equipment has a yellow shade over the item, if not the trick will not work.

Auto-fighting Range Explanation – The lesser the range the better in most situations. The auto-fighting range bar allows you to manage how far your character will travel to slay monsters in an area. You don’t want the range to be too wide, thus your character could easily wander a long distance to slay from monster to another.

Suggestiosn: Don’t check all of the boxes, when you leave your computer on overnight auto-killing, you will run out of points and basically you will die if you have no potions. A good way to use auto-fighting is to moniter your game in awhile, to make sure your bag is not full, potions are well packed and you’re not dying. Since overnight hard grinding is not a good idea, instead, meditate in town to gain points for further uses.

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