Bullet Run New Player’s Guide

Bullet Run New Player’s Guide by OmegaK2

Hello, I’m one of the people who’ve been lucky to be a tester since Hedone CB1, so hopefully this helps out new players to become more successful star in the game.
I’ll try to update this guide as BulletRun envolves and try to get the stats/data right. Anyway, suggestions are welcome. I might restructure this abit since it started out as guide for making money/getting to level 50 pretty fast.

I’ll also try to backup what I state with facts or so. Otherwise you’ll have to rely on my experience – if you disagree with few suggestions let me know. A lot the suggestions here are situational.

Optimizing your cashflow:
You’ll get cash at the end of every round. The cash you get equals 25% of your heat, this means the more heat you get the more cash you’ll get.
It is possible to increase that cashflow, however, it requires the investment of IRL money. If you do not wish to invest money, proceed with the next section.

  • Get 15day VIP -> Cash is increased by 12.5 percent points
  • Get 15day Stock Options -> Cash is increased by 12.5 percent points
  • Get 15day Super Master -> Cash is increased by 6.25 percent points + 1.25 percent points for every player (including you)
  • Get a Premium Membership

Style is a sort-of measurement of how much stylish items you’ve purchased. Investing in style items is worth it, as style also increases your heat.

  • 1 Style equals 1% added heat (at the end of the match)
  • Heat bonus is capped at 50%
  • Premium members loose 0.75 style per day
  • Normal members loose 1 style per day
  • Some items give more style then others for less money. Be smart when buying items if you want to foucs on style; (for example 5400 IGC for 3 style is a better choice then 4400 IGC for 2 style because in the first case you pay 1800IGC/Style and in the second case 2200IGC/Style

Optimizing your heat:
You’ll get heat for any action that your fans like. It is possible to accumlate heat – it will get written to your ‘account’ after a few seconds if you don’t accumlate new heat or if you taunt.
Heat also acts as base for the fan and cash calcuations. Currently, cash equals 25% heat and fans 100% heat (without boosters/premium).
You can earn additional heat by increasing your style.

  • DO NOT PLAY TDM, play dominion [extra heat!]
  • Try to get as much heat as possible then taunt; the more heat, the more worth your taunt will be – I personally consider taunting at about 90 Heat or more; if you can estimate that you can get some more heat soon, try to get to high values (ex. 300 -> 450 Heat with taunt)
  • If you expect to die, taunt, then stop the taunt. You’ll get the heat faster then usual but only a little bonus, then you can’t loose it by dieing
  • Play COMPLETE matches (full round on both sides – no leaving for repairs or w/e) to get the match bonus
  • Once you have spare cash, you can spend it on cheap style items to earn even more heat and cash

Heat Bonuses:

  • Penalities:
    • 25% – death
    • 25% – teamkill
  • General:
    • 25 – Kill
    • 15 – Assist
    • 15 – ? (Nemesis killed)
    • 15 – Nemesis (enemy is now personal victim)
    • 15 – Midair (kill)
    • 15 – Headshot (kill)
    • 15 – Party Pooper (killing a taunting enemy)
    • 15 – Team Leader (killed the player with the most heat on enemy team)
    • 15 – Last But Not Least (kill when you are at the bottom of the scoreboard)
    • 10 – Close Combat Kill (melee kill)
    • 10 – Payback (Revenge (killed an enemy who proviously killed you)
    • 10 – Fast Reloader (hitting the fast reload mark 5 times)
    • 5 – Firstblood (first kill)
    • 5 – Ammo Efficent (I think it is awarded when you get a lot of kills with using very little ammo)
    • 5 – ? (killed an enemy with his own weapon)
  • Multiple kills:
    • 10 – Double Kill
    • 20 – Triple Kill
    • 50 – Multi Kill
  • Heat increased in quick succession:
    • 15 – Heat Collector
    • 25 – Super Heat Collector
    • 50 – Fan Favorite
  • Skill related bonus heat:
    • 15 – T6 Defender Destroyed
    • 15 – Killed Medigel User
    • 15 – Endorphex Kill
    • 20 – Killed Endorphex User
    • 25 – Neurofanged
    • 25 – Neurofang Humilation (killing neurofang’d player)
    • 15 – Neurofang Assist
    • 10 – Neurofang Survived
    • 10 – Neurofang Revenge (killing the one who did the neurofang under the effect of neurofang)
    • 15 – Death from Above (kill with Blast Drone)
  • Dominion bonus heat:
    • 15 – In The Zone (enemy died in objective zone)
    • 15 – Hold The Line (you killed any enemy while standing in the objective zone)
    • 75 – Great Defense (nobody touched the objective zone)
    • 60 – ? (point captured)

Choosing Equipment & Weapons:

  • Keep some money for repairs (max 3k), so you don’t end up with a broken weapon (broken weapon -33% dmg)
  • In order to get more heat you might want to buy style items; style increases your heat
  • Weapon types:
    • Shotguns – point-blank to close range; viaable on some/crowded maps (Shanty, Oilrig)
    • SMGs – close range to mid range; viaable on most maps (no THAT good on Cactus)
    • Assault Rifles – mid range; viaable on most maps
    • Snipers – long range; viaable on open maps (Cactus) or maps with a lot of  open/long-range areas (Warehouse, Drain)
  • Weapon Mods:
    • You can place weapon mods into weapons to customize your weapon. They usually have a pro/con
    • Each weapon has 2 weapon mod slots, except for black weapons which have 3
    • Some mods take more then 2 slots like Heavy Stock
    • You can only choose one mod of a specific type – for example, you can’t choose high damage magazine and high capacity magazine at the same time
    • I suggest trying out Silencer, Laser Sight, High Velocity (Damage) Magazine and Red Dot – they are generally pertty good in any weapon
  • Weapons are largely balanced, there are no real “OP” weapons nor “UP” weapons. There are differences, but you can do good with any weapon as long you can handle it (and as long you are not using it in a bad situation, like shotguns to kill snipers halfway across the map)
  • If everything fails, you can pick up weapons from other players laying on the floor


  • Clog the grenade (hold it in the hand), to reduce the fuse timer. Throw it shortly before it explodes so that the enemy can’t react
  • Use grenades to flush out entrenched enemies
  • When reloading, back up behind a corder or hide unless you are SURE the way is clear
  • Try to hit the marker for reloading; note that if you can’t do it 90% of the time, you’ll be at a large disatvantage.
  • In CQC you can kill without iron sights [you still need good weapon handling], for long range it is required basically
  • Iron sights are generally about twice as effective as hip-fire; make use of them to save ammo
  • Strafe with SMGs & Shotties
  • With FF enabled, watch your fire and don’t run into the line of sight of a shooting allied player, you’ll get teamkilled
  • With FF enabled, use it to your advantage, try to get your enemies in one line so they shoot each other (like Enemy —- Enemy —- YOU)
  • In Dominion make sure to use the point display; if there are 3 people on the point capping, throw a grenade. If you are upstairs on oilrig and someone appeared in the point and you don’t see him he is below you.
  • Try to memorize the maps and most common camping spots (and check them once you enter a room – may save your life)
  • Try to flank enemies or try to attack from behind (especially useful on dominion; mostly they’ll be watching the front entrances, not their backs
  • When you run out off ammo and are still in a situation where you have to kill the enemy, you should use your sidearm since it is faster then reloading
  • Consider retreat if don’t expect to handle the situation with your current ammunition
  • Check your back once in a while to make sure you don’t get ambushed
  • Make sure to make use of Sound:
    • Move if you hear mortar coming (if you expect to be hit)
    • When you hear a neurofang/blastdrone coming, look around to see whether it may be targeting you
    • When you hear shooting you may be able to locate the enemy
  • With SMGs and Assault Rifles you should make short bursts as it helps with accuracy
  • In CQC you can also spray with SMGs easily; with Assault Rifles the enemies have to be even closer
  • You should try to stay moving, a stationary target is an easy target usually.


  • Try to stick together with your team
  • On Dominion split up your forces evenly (not just in numbers, but also in terms of skil)
  • When covering entrances, it might be helpful to have one team mate on the other side (especially with FF off)
  • If possible, let your team know what is going on (for example if you died and see 4 people going to Point 1, tell them)

I suggest to levelup Medigel first. As for the other skills choose what fits your style.
The skills are grouped in 4 tiers; each tier is unlocked by heat and has to be unlocked in every round.

  • T1: 0 Heat
  • T2: 150 Heat
  • T3: 400 Heat
  • T4: 800 Heat

As for the order you should level them up, it is up to you, however, I think it’s the most useful if you focus on medigel first.
Here is how I level up my skills:
Medigel LV2-5, other skills LV2-5
Medigel LV6-9, other skills LV6-9
Medigel LV10, other skills LV10

  • T1: Medigel (“Medpack”)
    • You should avoid using medigel in a fight – it takes too long to use and leaves you vulerable
    • You should retreat behind a corner and quickly use medigel if you want to to use it in a fight
    • Always try to stay healed at 100HP
    • Make sure there are no enemies that can pop around a corner when you use this
  • T1: Endorphex (“Berserk”)
    • Medigel is superior as it increases your surviability a lot more; choose Endorphex for a more agressive style
    • It makes you faster and more resilent to damage, but you may only use melee during it’s effect
    • At LV5 you’ll gain a charge ability – use this in narrow corridors to charge into your enemies in order to kill them
    • Charging into a wall will hurt you (and may kill you)
  • T2: Akimbo (“Duals”)
    • Accuracy is pretty bad, so this should be used in CQC
    • Can be a good backup weapon
    • On low levels, weapons are usually more effective
  • T2: Neurofang (“Spider”)
    • Stucking a player in a neurofang can give you a close-to guaranteed skill
    • Neurofangs resets the enemy’s skill timers to 0; good for interrupting enemies
    • You can control the neurofang with right-click, however, you’ll be an easy target during that time so mind your position
    • You can drop it on the floor to disable enemies following you
    • You can drop it on a door way so people can’t sneak up on you (mind the timer – neruofang disappears once it runs out of energy)
  • T3: Blast Drone
    • On low levels, the speed is slow and you should catch enemies by surprise
    • The blast drone can be destroyed by attacks, avoid attacking directly
    • When attacking directly (frontal), fly up&down or left&right to make it harder to hit the drone
    • Explosives can easily destroy the blast drone
    • On LV5, you gain the ability to use a booster rocket – you can use this to cover distances quickly (hit fleeing enemies)
    • You should try to hit groups of people so you’ll get more kills
    • You can control the blastdrone with right-click, however, you’ll be an easy target during that time so mind your position
    • Excellent way to dispose of campers (since you can fly it right into their face)
  • T3: Turret
    • Has pretty low health – try to protect it. On lv5 it recovers health
    • You should place it in positons where the enemy does not expect the turret to get kills
    • As for area denial you can use it so the enemies can’t rush in easily (put it on a control point for example)
    • This can be used to watch your back as well
    • It takes a few seconds to setup the turret – you need to plan ahead; if you drop it in a fight, it will get destroyed before it can even shoot
    • You can rotate the turret with right click so it can easily fit in corners
    • The vertical shooting angle is similar to the horizontal one (as such, the turret won’t hit enemies right below or above)
  • T4: Minigat (“Gatling”, “Minigun”)
    • You can use right-click to spin the minigat; this uses energy however
  • T4: Mortar
    • On low levels (<5), you’ll have to aim directly with the mortar
    • On LV5+ you’ll be able to use a map (right-click)
    • Aim at groups of people or fortified positions
    • Mortars make a distinctive sound, so you may want to place them where the enemies try to run to if they are experienced
    • Excellent way to dispose of campers

Map Guide


To rate the viability of weapons, I’ll use the following system:
— = Very poor
– = poor
o = Ok
+ = good
++ = very good
Results in:
Mapname (Dominion Rating | TDM rating)


  • Snipers (++ | ++)
  • Assault Rifles (+ | +)
    • They lack long range capability (easy target for snipers)
    • They are good for holding/attacking the CP
  • SMGs (+ | +)
    • similar to assault rifles, except that their long range capability is even worse
  • Shotguns (– | o)
    • They can work on the CPs, the underground and the middle
    • You can choose them in TDM however if you stay underground or in the mid


  • Snipers (o | –)
    • Snipers are OK to defend 1 in dominion mode; you can snipe people pretty well from there
    • You can also use it on the attacking team to kill people ontop of 1
    • In TDM they are pretty poor because you can get flanked way to easily. If you want, you can still use them and try to camp where the attacker spawn usually is
  • Assault Rifles (++ | ++)
  • SMGs (+ | ++)
    • SMGs can be trouble some to kill people on point 1from the top side of 2
    • In TDM you can stay in a good spot all the time
  • Shotguns (+ | ++)
    • Shotguns are pretty good over at 2 and inside the oil platform in general, howerver you’ll have a hard time on 1 (you’ll need to rely on your sidearm)
    • In TDM you can just stay in a good area


  • Snipers (+ | o)
    • There are a bunch of spots that are very viable for long-range engangement in dominion:
      • Roof next to Point 2
      • Passageway (1st floor) to Point 2 (windows)
      • Central Area between Point 2 and Point 1 (1st floor)
      • Defender spawn area (above Point 1)
    • In TDM you can use the same spots, however, you’ll get flanked more easily making it a lot harder
  • Assault Rifles (+ | ++)
    • They are pretty much viable everywhere, avoid long-range vs snipers though
    • In TDM just stay in viable spots
  • SMGs (+ | +)
    • Also viable alomst everywhere, though you may need to get closer then usual compared to the assault rifles; they are still good however
    • In TDM it is easier for enemies to catch you by surprise on a bad distance
  • Shotguns (- | -)
    • There are some areas where they can work, but overall they are not good on this map
    • Try to sneak up on enemies from below or stay in areas where shotguns are good
    • Making use of cover is very important here to be successful
    • (Rated – because it is pretty hard to do good with shotties, yet possible)


  • Snipers (o | +)
    • They are a bunch of spots for sniper:
      • Defender spawn area (good on TDM mostly)
      • Canals (either from inside the canals or the bridge)
      • Pathway to Point 1 (outer side of map) – looking at the canal
      • Pathway to Point 2 (both ways)
      • Pathway between Point 2 and the Attacker Spawn
    • I actually only rated them o because for defending the actual points in dominion snipers are not really good because of the cover there. However, if you mange to cut the team off the points, sniper will be pretty good.
  • Assault Rifles (+ | ++)
    • Just stay clear of snipers and you can handle almost every situation here
  • SMGs (+ | +)
    • They are excellent for defending the points here
    • Less useful in the canal areas
  • Shotguns (o | o)
    • They are good for defending the points since you can use the cover
    • They are also pretty good in the side ways and between Point 1/2
    • However, you’ll die in the cancels vs non-shotties usually
    • In TDM again try to stay in good shotty areas


  • Snipers (– | -)
    • Can’t be used to defend or attack points well. Point 1 is somewhat possible, forget it in point 2
    • Very few / bad spots
      • Above Point 2 on the building (next to the school bus)
      • Above Point 1 (when you walk up the small passageway behind it)
      • Defender spawn area
    • You can be easily flanked usually in either mode or are exposed
  • Assault Rifles (+ | +)
    • Work everywhere, however you may have a hard time vs SMGs and shotties
  • SMGs (++ | ++)
    • excellent on this map
  • Shotguns (++ | ++)
    • Pretty much owning on this map aswell due to the CQC areas
    • Stay clear of the few long range areas
    • Take cover behind corner, pop a few shots and retreat again

Studio (TDM only)

  • Snipers (o)
    • They are ok outside, but watchout so that you won’t get flanked
    • Useless inside
  • Assault Rifles (+)
    • Pretty good every where
    • Inside you’ll have trouble vs shotties and SMGs
  • SMGs (++)
    • Excellent on this map
    • At most you may have trouble outside
  • Shotguns (+)
    • Excellent inside
    • Avoid going outside, suicide usually

FAQ – UI (User Interface)

  1. How can I taunt?
    • Press Q (by default)
  2. How can I vote kick a player?
    • Press ESC – select Vote – select Kick player
  3. How can I change the lobby settings?
    • First make sure you are the lobby leader (huge star on the left side next to your name)
    • Then just click of any of the settings in the lobby screen and select a new one
    • If the game is running, you’ll have to vote on “New Settings” or make a return to Lobby vote first.

FAQ – Weapons

  1. What happens if my weapon durability drops to 0?
    • Your weapon will deal less damage until it is fully repaired (-33% dmg)
  2. What is the best weapon?
    • The weapons are rather balanced and suit different play styles and are designed for different situation. As such, there is no “best” weapon; read the weapon section in the Guide for more inf
  3. How many weapon mods can I use?
    • You have 2 slots in a normal weapon and 3 slots in a black weapon
    • Some mods (like Heavy Stock) may take 2 slots

FAQ – Skills

  1. How can I slide?
    • Select Akimboskill and right-click
  2. How can I select a different skill?
    • You need to purchase it in the market place first (Default: Medigel – Akimbo – Blastdrone – Minigat)
    • You need to select it in your inventory before your join a match
  3. Why can’t I use the 2nd, 3rd or 4th Skill?
    • Skills need to be unlocked though heat first (in every round):
    • 2nd skill: 150 Heat
    • 3rd skilll: 400 Heat
    • 4th skill: 800 Heat

FAQ – Misc

  1. What is the maximum level?
    • Level 50 (you need sightly less then 1 million fans)

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