Broken Realm Pet System Guide

Broken Realm Pet System Guide by C4P0T3

Pet system is very simple

What you need to remember is that loyalty will reward you with pets without even wasting a single dime.

There are 10 levels. From Basic Private to General.


The highest Loyalty required is 360000.

I only have 1000+ >.< so i don’t know if it’s either good or not.

Picture 1

Your pet also has a wisdom system. the pet’s Wisdom system thats less material required.

The Wisdom system helps you and your pet that gives a Stat boost (Strength, Endurance & Intellect)

It also contains the 5 levels (Student, Novice, Apprentice, Expert, Master)

The pet system, as said above is really simple. Just remember there is no such thing as morphing in game.

How to easily get Loyalty

For those who don’t know how to easily get Loyalty here’s one of my suggestion:

  • 60 coupons = 1 Pet food = 10 loyalty
  • Grab new pets ( Baby angel Baby Demon and stuff) you level them = 3 loyalty
  • Go to level 20 Dungeon ( At least 1 pet food per attempt)
  • Dungeon chest
  • Spectral Battleground

This isn’t that much but i hope it helped a bit.

NOTE: You may only have 20 attempts Per day.

Just like the pet, you have a wisdom system ! Yaaay!
The wisdom gives you a great amount of Battle Rating, which comes handy in-game.

It’s based 5 level and every level you go, the chance rating will go down. but if you fail, it will grow up a bit.

so a better chance will come out of his cave

Each level has different numbers of Numbers ( Student I, Student II etc.. )

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