Battlefield Play4Free Camping Guide

Battlefield Play4Free Camping Guide by RainWanderer

-If you generally do not like camping, this is not for you. You can disregard this guide entirely, although I do give some advices against camping.
-If you hate trolling, most likely you will also hate doing this. I advise you not to follow the guide.
-If you cannot handle hearing cries, complains, swears, or gennerally verbal hostility, then don’t do this.
-If you consider camping is cheap, then don’t read this guide. But it is all fair in love and war.
-If you simply had a grudge against camping, perhaps you could flame somewhere else.
-ONLY works for 1 team at a time. If you get switched mid-game, you should quit, because you will be teamed with a bunch of angry player.

1.What is camping?
When a solider, most likely recon, comes up to a vantage point and stay there, picking off enemies from that vantage point while the enemy cannot easily reach to the camper. That is camping.
Camping is a generally despited act, due to:
#1 The fact that this game, or at least our current mode, relying on points gain from capturing flags, therefore staying in 1 spot and not capturing flags won’t help. Then why I am telling you to do this? Look at reason #2.
#2 The frustration that players (most of them are new players/immature) get when they got killed from an enemy that they cannot get their hand on. This is what I want you to use to your team advantage.

2. The art of camping.
The following section will discuss about how to camp effectively for the team.IMPORTANT NOTE: There should never be more than 2 campers in a team at anytime

Currently, the best 2 classes for camping are Assault and Recon. Recon for their long range sniper rifle, Assault for the hyper-accurate M16 and ammo box. Medic and engineer should never camp. You are better out there in the battlefield, however, a medic can drop by a friendly camper and give him a medpack for longer camping. The same goes for assault, drop by an ammo box if possible. And remember: you do not always need to climb up to their vantage point. You may just drop it directly right under the point, as close as possible to the wall. Low buildings will allow the camper get the supplies directly from above.

Always go for tops of building,or anywhere you can get a good view of everything while not being easily shot down, those are your vantage points. Better be far from flags, because if you are at flag, you are just protecting an objective, and they may not be as interested in you than just hide from your view and get the flag. When camping, you should not going to the same spot twice, that would only make you an easy kill, and just a waste of time. Finally, do not, I repeat, DO NOT sit at one spot the whole game. If you just sitting behind the friendly line, you wont get anyone comming to hunt you because you have your team killing them and you doing nothing. Choose a few spots near the frontline where you can become an effective diversion, then camp there to distract enemies with your camping.

C.C for camping time:
Now that you are up there, on a vantage point far from flags, with your gun ready, it is time to start the psychological warfare. Kill people, get attention on you, taunt them, get them enrage.Your mission, as the camper, is to get the enemy to waste as many resources as possible to kill you. Just you. That is why, be as annoying as possible. Troll them, kill them, and get them to hunt you down with everything they have got. The most effective camper is the one who gets half of the enemy team looking just for him/her to kill, while the rest of his/her team capturing all the flags before they know it. Aim for getting at least 3-4 people hunting you. If there are only 1-2 enemies looking for you, it won’t make that much of a difference.

Always try to make them forget that their objective is to get the flags. Focus on mocking their K/D. Get them to use tanks/rpgs to shoot you down. Look for those that are easily get angry, and hook them to the psychological warfare. If they hate you and rage quit the game, your team win. If they personally start to hunt you, your team win. If they start to waste their time typing all kinds of profanities at you, your team win.

Again, there should never be more than 2 campers in a team at anytime, ask within your team to check. Any more than 2 and you are not contributing to the team. Also, don’t have 2 campers at the same spot, spread them out. That would divide enemy team even more.
Remember to look around you, someone maybe sneaking up to your vantage point. If you killed that person, you had just most likely add another load of frustration upon your enemy.

Always spot enemies and tag enemies vehicles with tracer darts. That would help your team a bit more while you are camping.If you do camp near a flag, watch it well. Retake it if taken by enemy.
If the enemies are smart, and did not fall for your trick, STOP camping instantly and start to help your team.Most likely it is when you notice that there are not many enemy go around your area anymore. It means that they decided to leave you there and not care about you anymore. At that point, camping will just be counter-productive.

3. Counter-camping
Remember, do not get angry. Your objective in the game is to get the flags. If you notice there is an annoying guy sitting on top of some building keep killing you, ignore him. Go around, getting the flags, and leave him there. Spot him if you can. If you can dispatch him easily, do it. You could reverse the situation, and troll him, getting him to be angry and do stupid things. Professonals do not get swayed easily by just verbal assaults and immature behaviours.In the case that you really need to get him, always remember that every vantage point can be counter by another vantage point. Get to those and kill campers from afar, or chase them out of that point. Do not waste rpg rounds/ tank time to kill campers, unless you can do it quick and efficiently.

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