ArcheAge Mounts and Transportation Guide

ArcheAge Mounts and Transportation Guide by LlexX

Introduction to Mounts
ArcheAge has a huge world, and exploring it on foot would be time consuming and im brave to say “impossible”, so there are various mounts available to us to explore the world and to get to our desired locations faster…

Multifunctional Mount-Pet
In ArcheAge mounts are not just used for travelling, they can be used for attacking the enemies too, they act also like a “pet” which are present in a number of MMOs.

Gearing Up the Mount
Mounts have their own interface screen (or mount screen), where you can see your mounts current equipment and stats such as: experience, HP, MP, Physical Defense, Magical Defense, Speed…

They have 3 equipment slots on them (head, saddle, feet) for additional armor which will increase its defense, HP, leggings can give movement speed bonus… Its possible to obtain these armors from the NPCs near the stable, or to craft them.
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Leveling the Mounts
Mounts have their own levels, and in order to keep them gaining XP, they must be summoned while you are killing the mobs (they are not getting XP when the player turns in quests, nor from gathering or crafting), but you have to be careful and always keep an eye on them since they are dying fast.

When you notice that its HP is dropping, just unsummon it fast, thats the best solution to keep it alive, and when the danger is over, just resummon it again, the mount will be back with the same amount of HP as it was recalled. If you are unlucky and the mount dyes, you can temporary resurrect it, but it will have only 1 HP and will run 30% slower. To “fix” your mount, its needed to bring it to the NPC near the stable, and for a fee (depending on the level of the pet) the NPC will revive your mount. But dont forget stables are only available on the starting continents, on the north continent there are no NPCs to revive your mount, but there is an item that will fix it when it dies, this item can be bought from the stable NPCs, but its not a cheap solution.

When the mount reaches a certain level, it will unlock new abilities (in CBT5 this happened every 5 levels, from level 5 to level 25, there were no skills past that level for the race specific mounts).

The Mount’s Breeding System:
Its not a real breeding system, its just a series of quests needed to complete from getting the baby mount to raising it up (it all takes about 10 minutes). Here is a video showing the whole process:

Dual-Mount System:
Most of the mounts are possible to be ridden by two persons, a rider and a passenger. In case there are two persons on a mount, the person on the back is free to shoot with his bow at things in range, while the person in front is “driving” it.

The Basic Mount Controls:
This screen is from CBT4.
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This screen is from CBT5 , where the follow option has been split into four toggle-able buttons, the upper row shows the mounts basic controls, while the lower row shows the actual mounts skills (in this case it was a horse).
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Follow Mode: there are 4 options to chose from which to be the active one:

  • Aggressive – the mount will attack the enemy if its in close range,
  • Protective – the mount wont engage into combat before the player starts the fight,
  • Neutral – the mount wont attack the enemy no matter what,
  • Stay – the mount will stay put and wont follow you.

Mount/Dismount: when the mount is summoned clicking on this icon will make you ride it or get off from it.

Mount Information Window: this opens up the mounts character window.

Eject Passenger: forces the passenger to get off from your horse, btw anyone can get on anyones mount (to the passengers place).

De-summon Mount: to unsummon the mount, useful command in case the mount is dropping health rapidly and  its not in close range to see whats actually going on.

Types of Mounts

In CBT5 we had more variety of mounts then before, and there were:

1. Horse:

  • There were two types of horses available in CBT5, which varied in speed and stats.
  • One of the horses is the special mount for the race Nuian.
  • The other one can be bought from the NPC and its the better one.

2. Lion:

  • Is the special mount for the race Ferre.

3. Deer:

  • Is the special mount for the race Elves.

4. Tare:

  • Is the special mount for the race Hariharan
  • It was designed keeping in the mind the Asian culture.
  • Its unique ability is to become invisible with his rider.

5. Yata:

  • This mount looks like “Jar Jar Binks” from the StarWars movies.
  • It has a unique ability “Jump High” with the aim to overcome various obstacles.

6. Donkey:

  • The main function of this mount is the transportation of resources.
  • The donkey has a special skill at level 20 called “Mount Pumped” which increases the speed when loaded.

7. Cow:

  • Yea, you can ride cows in ArcheAge.
  • Its possible to milk the cows to obtain some milk resource.

8. Beast:

  • It was a temporary name for this mount.
  • Purchasable from the BattleGround master for Honor points.
  • This one was the fastest mount during CBT5.

Table of the starting mounts for the 4 available races in CBT5 and its skills:

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