Arcane Legends Warrior Basic Guide

Arcane Legends Warrior Basic Guide by Superduper

I. The Warrior
Like to tank? Well this is the class for you. The warrior currently (16 cap) is the most powerful class in the game. It has incredibly strong regular attacks and the skills are unbelievably powerful. The warrior uses area of effect (AOE) skills as well as buffs. The combination of all of these give the warrior a major advantage.

II. Warrior Strengths
The warrior, as I stated earlier, is a tank first and foremost. The classes that STS have in Arcane Legends focus only on extremities. For example Rogue and Sorcerer=DPS and the Warrior=tank. The warrior has nearly 3-6 times the amount of armor that the other classes have. Their health, without armor, is ridiculously high. This makes it the most viable option for tanking.

III. Weaknesses
Currently, the Warrior has no weaknesses. However some players add weaknesses to their warriors. For example, not tanking, which hurts the entire party. Not understanding when and when not to use skills, as will be stated later on.

IV. How to Stat
Straight STR. Having all points under STR give you immense amounts of health and a very good armor bonus. Dodge and crit boosts come from the armor that I will state later on in the guide.

V. Skills
The skills that every warrior must have is Skyward Smash-4 (everything but the mana return), Whirlwind-3 (the way it is slotted is up to you), Vengeance-5 (probably the best skill in the game), Horn of Renew-3 or 4 (again, up to you). Skyward Smash is the warrior’s hardest hitting skill. It is an AOE skill with good damage, high crit percent, and a chance at stun. The Whirlwind skill is perfect for when you are surrounded by enemies. It dishes out a ton of damage, especially with the duration bonus. Vengeance. I do not even know where to start. Talk about buff mania. Vengeance is the ultimate STR boost, crit boost, mana regen, and armor boost buff I have ever seen in my entire MMO career. And lastly, the Horn of Renew. The way I have mine slotted is the duration boost and the invulnerability shield. The ability to turn invulnerable for 4 seconds comes in handy when in a pinch. The order in which I use my skills is as follows Skyward (to get enemies’ attention), Whirlwind (to really get their attention), Vengeance (to recover mana and all those crazy buffs) and Horn of Renew (use when necessary).

VI. Gear
I recommend 15 Founder armor. The ring and amulet is up to you, whether you want more DEX or STR. I go with STR. As for a weapon, you cannot go wrong with the Trollbane axe. The damage is so high and so is the proc effect. Use the pet, Ribbit. High crit %.


The Warrior is the strongest class in the game with a few of the best skills in the game. If you like to tank, well this is the perfect class for you. This build is not my original idea. It is my GM’s, Punishment (of Eclipse). I just put it into words so people can use it, thanks again. Leave your thoughts, comments, gripes, opinions, concerns, objections, congratulations, and thanks. Thanks again, Duper (Hephaestus)

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