Arcane Legends Sorcerer DPS Rotation Guide

Arcane Legends Sorcerer DPS Rotation Guide by primaeva

After being through some elite boss fights AFTER switching to a Flamestrike Rod, I realized that keeping all spells charged, released and on cooldown perhaps wouldn’t be the best damage output. Here are a few reasons why:

1) Charging disallows normal attacks — therefore the charge must more than make up for the loss of normal attack damage.
1b) The 2 – 2.5 attacks lost during a charge more than makes up for the increased charge damage.
2) If you don’t charge, you fire off more spells in the same period of time.
3) Attacking more procs more fire damage debuffs.
4) The more attacks/spells you get off in that 4 sec window of pet ability burst (Aspen/Ribbit etc), the more you benefit.
5) Frost Bolt DoT stacks, so you want to have as many DoTs going as possible.

Furthermore, the following spells do NOT require charging to proc a secondary, increased damage effect:

1) Fireball -> DoT still applies (charging adds stun / scorch)
2) Frost Bolt -> DoT (and extended stun + damage) still applies (charging adds 20% chance to AoE)
3) Lightning Strike -> 15% still applies, 250% crit still applies (charging adds chance to spread on kill / stun)

The following spell’s damage is benefited by charging:

1) Time Shift -> Clock Bomb not affected, but charge required for DoT and root [which makes it the only spell where charging brings it on par with cast+normal attack]
2) Curse -> Additional 5% damage taken by mob when charged

The one spell that SHOULD be charged is Heal, to heal more and to trigger mana restore / heal over time.

The following spells are terrible in any serious encounter:

1) Gale Force -> it’s a fun spell, that’s about it.
2) Arcane Shield -> if your party is doing it right, you can run with 0 strength and not need this either.

TLDR, unless it’s an AoE encounter where stun and CC is needed, there is very little reason to charge as damage is lost, with the condition that you have a Flamestrike wand. It’s more damaging to just tap at everything that’s on CD– especially right after you trigger your damage-boosting pet arcane.

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  1. magicpoop says:

    Gale and shield are useless. You clearly know nothing about this game. Heal is useless in pve u can use pots. Shield is good for elites. Gale is a grest pvp skill snd good in pve for CC and 50% armor bonus. Its not just fun. Its a grest skil for farning too.

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