Arcane Legends Sorcerer Basic Guide

Arcane Legends Sorcerer Basic Guide by Superduper

I. The Sorcerer
The new class in Arcane Legends that mirrors the mage in PL is the little blue mutant known as the sorcerer. This little blue ball of Arcane magic relies on its ability to produce powerful spells that can bring down the greatest of enemies. This class is all about area of attack (AOE), just like the mage did in PL.

II. Sorcerer Strengths
The sorcerer, as I stated earlier, is heavily suited for area attacks. Whether it be the explosiveness of the fireblast or the shock of the lighting, this class hits everything. The auto attack (staff attack) is even AOE, as long as the targets are within the sorcerer’s line of sight. All in all this class is very well suited for damaging large amounts of enemies with powerful magic.

III. Weaknesses
This powerhouse class does come with a few weaknesses. The sorcerer can dish it out, but without a warrior in front of you, the mobs of enemies can be overwhelming. Armor for the sorcerer is relatively low as compared to the warrior, because it swaps strength for speed and area attacks. The damage, IMO, outweighs the weakness of the armor. The sorcerer, when a safe distance away, can take on large amounts of mobs (refer to skills to see how). Another weakness (currently for the 16 cap) is the mana regen. Every single sorcerer skill uses quite a bit of mana. This results in an excessive use of mana pots, which can hurt a players pocketbook.

IV. How to stat (lvl 16)
The sorcerer’s main stat is INT. INT increases the amount of mana it has and upgrades the power of each skill. It also increases mana regen (no numerical value at this time). If your sorcerer is put INT currently, you may die alot. I would recommend have 50 points in STR to give you around 600 health point and the rest in INT. This way you have high amounts of health and a pretty decent armor value, yet it still allows you to be the little blue ball of Arcane energy that you are.

V. Skills
The sorcerer’s skills are very diverse and powerful. When used in the right combination, they can prove very devastating to any type of enemy, whether it be mob or boss. I have experimented with the skills and have come to notice that the best combination is 5-heal, 5-fire, 5-whirlwind, and 1-clocktower. When heal is maxed out it covers a very large area, which is very good for group play. It also gives a regen effect of adding mana and health every few seconds to all party members. This skill is invaluable. For fighting mobs, I use clocktower which slows the enemies down, then I blast them with fireblast (which knocks them down, then follow that up with whirlwind (which knocks them back down). When the enemies are on the ground continually blast them with charged regular attacks, which are quite powerful. Then repeat.

VI. Gear
For right now (lvl 16) I would recommend the Champion bundle. It not only comes with 3 very good legendary items, but all the extra bonuses such as auction and inventory slots. With more patches, this is subject to change. The selection of rings and amulets is up to you. I personally use ones slotted with more INT because I like to spam skills. However, this is all up to you.


The sorcerer is a very powerful area of effect master that, when stat’d right, can take down even the most powerful enemies. Please leave your comments about my guide (it is my first one). Hope to see you in game!

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