Arcane Legends Skills Complete List

Arcane Legends Skills Complete List by Zaonabiuibil, Aracnus, & Razerfingers


Skyward Smash: Leap into the sky and land upon an enemy with the weight of your hammer.
Skill Details: 38.75 mana, 4 sec. cool-down, 12m range, 6-7 damage + increased damage on a critical
Seismic Slam: Crash down with such ferocity that your impact harms foes around you.
Skill Details: When striking down with a charge Skyard Smash, the range of damage you unleash is increased to 6 meters.

Thundering Hammer: You smash down with your hammer with increased force.
Skill Details: Your Skyward Smash attacks will now do an additional 10% damage.

Quaking Earth: Shake the very earth below you when you land with your hammer.
Skill Details: When crashing down with you Skyward Smash, enemies receiving damage will also have a 25% chance of being stunned in place.

Effortless Execution: Deliver your strike with such finesse that you regain your vigor for future attacks
Skill Details: After landing a successful blow on an enemy with your Skyward Smash, you have a 25% chance of having 20 mana returned back to you.

Chest Splitter: Unleash a powerful swing with your weapon, inflicting a great pain upon those in front of you.
Skill Details: 33.75 mana, 3 sec. cool-down, 4.5m range, 6-7 damage + increased damage on a critical
Extended Reach: Through training, you extend the arc of your swing and can hit more targets.
Skill Details: Increase the maximum number of targets struck with Chest Splitter by 1.

Decimation: Unleash your might by delivering a brutal, finishing kill.
Skill Details: Enemies slain by this attack have a 25% chance with the normal Chest Splitter and 45% with the charged Chest Splitter to expload, cauing high damage to other enemies around them.

Relentless Strike: Focus your strength to unleash a more powerful impact upon foes.
Skill Details: Gives normal hits a 30% chance and charged hits a 50% chance to knock enemies away from you.

Staggering Blow: Disorient your foe before they have time to react.
Skill Details: Hits from the Chest Splitter will interrupt an enemy’s attack windups, as well as provide a 20% chance to disorient them.

Windmill: Rip through the air with your weapon in tow, tearing through anyone that is in your presence.
Skill Details: 44 mana, 10 sec. cool-down, 6m range, 5-7 damage to up to 3 targets within 4m.
Increased Radius: Your damage range is greatly increased, allowing you to strike foes further away.
Skill Details: Increase the range of the Windmill attack to 6 meters

Blender: Your blades cut deeper and do far more damage than normal.
Skill Details: Damage increased by 15% for every strike from Windmill.

Prolonged Spim: You are able to maintain your Windmill attack for an even longer period of time.
Skill Details: Increases the duration of Windmill by 25%.

Cripple: Hitting your foes causes their knees to buckle and slows their movement speed.
Skill Details: A charged Windmill attack snares affected targets for 5 seconds.

Axe Throw: Hurl one of your throwing axes at any enemy to shift their attention towards you.
Skill Details: 33.75 mana, 7 sec. cool-down,16m range, 5-6 damage + increased damage on a critical.
Denting Blow: Ecert maximum force into your throw, ensuring maximum damage to your opponent’s gear.
Skill Details: Enemies that are hit by your thrown weapon will receive a 10% reduction in armor.

Concussion: Your thrown axe can cause a concussion effect upon impact.
Skill Details: Your throwing axe now has a 25% chance of stunning an opponent it hits.

Blacksmith’s Touch: Utilize a masterly-crafted weapon that is built for the sole purpose of being thrown,
Skill Details: Enemies will receive a 15% additional damage when hit by your thrown weapon.

Chained Bait: Make use of a chain attachment to ensure your enemy cannot flee.
Skill Details: Once your weapon is attached to your enemy, they will be pulled within melee range.

Juggernaut: Focusing your rage, you temporarily increase your health.
Skill Details: 36.75 mana, 45 sec. cool-down, temporarily increase health by 25%
Ignore Pain: While in juggernaut you ignore a portion of incoming damage.
Skill Details: Ignore 20% of all incoming damage.

Second Wind: When low on life, you will have a chance to cast a self-heal.
Skill Details: If you fall below 25% health, you will ahve a 50% chance to cast a self heal.

Unstoppable: Nothing stops the Juggernaut
Skill Details: Charged Juggernaut removes movement-impairing effects.

Bring It On: The charged version of Juggernaut challenges surrounding enemies to attack you.
Skill Details: Charging Juggernaut will taunt all surrounding enemies.

Rally Cry: Boost your armor by unleashing a powerful note from your ancient warhorn.
Skill Details: 27 mana, 20 sec. cool-down, increase armor by 10% for 8 sec.
Lungs of Might: Blow on your warhorn with such ferocity that the effects of the warhorn linger for a longer time.
Skill Details: All beneficial effects applied from the warhorn are increased by 10 seconds.

Call to Arms: Bless your nearby allies with the magical effects of your warhorn.
Skill Details: Releasing a charged Rallying Cry will cause nearby allies to receive buffs.

Song of the Fallen: Honor the fallen before you with a tribute from your horn, increasing your chance of avoiding harm.
Skill Details: Receive a buff from your warhorn that boosts your dodge chance by 25% for a short duration.

Forced March: Use the power of the horn to increase your movement speed.
Skill Details: A charged blow from your horn increases movement speed by 10%

Vengeful Blood: Harness the rage within you to quickly fill your mana.
Skill Details: 30 mana, 30 sec. cool-down, 4-6 mana recharge every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
Acute strike: Focus each weapon strike into a carefully calculated move, inflicting optimal damage whenever possible.
Skill Details: While Vengeful Blood is active, your chance at performing a critical hit is increased by 10%, or 25% with a charged cast.

Savage Strikes: Take advantage of your wounds to inflict deeper wounds upon your enemy.
Skill Details: Increase your damage output by 15% while Vengeful Blood is active. Charging the skill will add a 25% boost to damage.

Focused Rage: By channeling your inner rage, you learn to prolong the effects of Vengeful Blood.
Skill Details: You increased the duration of the Vengeful Bloods effects by 25%.

Adrenaline Surge: A burst of adrenaline passes through your body, increasing your strength.
Skill Details: Adrenaline Surge now temporarily increases your strength by +25. Charging the skill increases the benefit to +50.

Horn of Renew: Unleash a blast from your horn that heals damage over time and buffs your allies.
Skill Details: 29.25 mana, 15 sec. cool-down, 6m range, Heals Allies for 8-10 damage every 1.5 seconds for 6 seconds.
Increased Range: The sound of your horn extends even further, allowing more of your allies to benefit from its effects.
Skill Details: Increase the area-of-effect range of your horn blast to 8 meters.

Increased Duration: The magic of the horn lasts longer, increasing the effectiveness of its abilities.
Skill Details: Increase the duration of the buffs from Horn of Renew by 25%.

Challenge: Challenge all nearby enemies to attack you instead of your allies.
Skill Details: Charging the Horn of Renew will taunt all enemies within 8 meters of you.

Protective Shield: Charge up the Horn of Renew to unleash a protective shield that will temporarily stop allies from taking damage.
Skill Details: Charging your Horn of Renew puts a protective shield on your allies that will stop all incoming damage for 2 seconds.


FireBall: Project a ball of fire towards a target that explodes on impact, burning all enemies near the target.
– 100 mana, 4 sec. cool-down, 14m range, 80-100 damage + increased damage on a critical
Engulf: You generate even more magical force, increasing the size of the fireball’s explosion.
– increases the spherical area of a fireball explosion by 3 meters.
Ignite: Lights the target on fire, causing them to take damage while they are aflame.
– Targets take burning damage every second for 5 seconds.
Impact: The explosive force of your fireball causes your enemies to be knocked down.
– Enemies struck by a charged fireball will be knocked down and briefly stunned.
Scorch: Intense heat blinds your foe, reducing their chance to hit.
– Hitting targets with a charged fireball reduces their hit change by 25% for 5 seconds.

Lightning Strike: Unleash a terrifying bolt of lightning that zaps an enemy with electrical damage.
– 87.5 mana, 3 sec. cool-down, 12m range, 123-154 damage + increased damage on a critical
Empowered Bolt: Increase the intensity of your Lightning Strike, doing extra damage to your target.
– Lightning Strike does 15% more damage.
Electrical Discharge: Overwhelm your opponent with lightning, causing them to release a surge of power upon death
– Enemies slain by this attack have a 15% chance with normal Lighting Strike and 25% with charged Lighting Strike to explode and release bolts of lightning upon their allies.
Positive Charge: Infuse your bolts with additional Arcane Energy that increases critical damage.
– Bolts of lightning will now do 250% damage on a critical hit.
Shock: Focus on the casting of your charged bolts to chock your target, briefly stunning it.
– Charged bolts have a 25% chance to stun your target for up to 3 seconds.

Gale Force: Release a blast of wind, leaves, and dust towards an enemy, knocking them off their feet.
– 87.5 mana, 4 sec. cool-down, 9m range, 80-100 damage + increased damage on a critical.
Outward Squall: Unleash a blast of wind in all directions, pushing nearby enemies away from you.
– Converts your charged Gale Force to be an area-of-effect attack.
Protective Current: Surround yourself with a protective current that makes yourself virtually unhittable.
– Charging up your Gale Force will grant you a dodge bonus of +75% for 3 seconds.
Speed of Wind: You are encased in air, greatly increasing your speed.
– Charging up Gale Force increases your movement speed by 25% for 5 seconds.
Weighted Wind: Harness the weight of the surrounding air to keep enemies down on the ground for longer periods of time.
– Enemies knocked down by Gale Force have the potential to stay down for 2 additional seconds.

Frost Bolt: Project a large shield of ice towards an enemy, causing an arctic explosion that freezes them in place.
– 87.5 mana, 3 sec. cool-down, 14m range, 107-134 damage + increased damage on a critical.
Ice Wielder: Aim carefully while firing your bolt to unleash the element of ice around you.
– If a charged Frost Bolt hits at least 3 enemies, you have a 20% chance of releasing a burst of ice damage around you.
Jagged Ice: Release a bolt of ice that is sharp to the touch, causing damage to those affected by Frost Bolt’s ice.
– Enemies that are either slowed or stunned by Frost Bolt will also receive low amounts of additional damage over time, for the duration of the effect.
Shiver: Unleash an even colder bolt at your target, causing the icy effects to be overwhelming.
– Increase the duration an enemy is slowed or stunned by 3 seconds.
Arctic Shatter: Curse your enemy with a deep freeze that leaves traces of his demise behind after death.
– An enemy slain while frozen by the initial impact of Frost Bolt has a 20% chance to leave behind an ice patch that freezes other enemies that walk over it.

Arcane Shield: manifest a protective shield that causes incoming damage to be reduced by 30% for 10 seconds (or until 500 points of damage have been absorbed)
– 75 mana, 30 sec. cool down, 30% damage reduction for 10 seconds
Extended Shield: By optimizing the energy used to cast Arcane Shield, you increase the amount of damage it will absorb and the length of time it remains active.
– Increase the amount of total damage absorbable. Also, the maximum length of the shield is increased by 5 seconds.
Displacement Wave: Focus your mind when manifesting the shield to knock the enemies away from you.
– When casting the charged Arcane Shield, enemies near you will be knocked away.
Static Resonance: By alternating the frequency of the Arcane Shield, you make its protection more effective.
– Increase the damage reduction granted by the Arcane Shield by 15%
Hardened Shielding:Your charged Arcane Shield increases its magical protection, making you impervious to damage briefly after casting it.
– Your charged Arcane shield grants invulnerability for 2 seconds after casting it.



Shadow piercer– burst through the sky in a shadowy form, preforming a brutal strike against your opponent. Skill details- 67.5 mana 2sec cool-down,16m range,71-88 damage + increased damage on a critical
Gouging rush- focus your attack in a concentrated form, dealing a wound that will damage your foe’s equipment in the process. Skill details- Each hit of the shadow piercer has a 15% chance of reducing your targets armor by 10%
Shadow Absorption-let the shadows envelope you as you hit your foes, healing all wounds incurred along the way. skill details- Each hit of the shadow blade has a 75% chance of returning 10% of your health
Rising death-leap upwards come out of shadow form, delivering multiple stab wounds to your enemy. Skill details- Causes you to deliver multiple low damage hits to your target after coming out of a normal shadow piercer attack.
Leading dagger- let your dagger guide you forward *** you hit multiple foes in succession. Skill details- increases maximum number of targets pierce with a charged shadow piercer attack to 3

Noxious Bolt– unleash a powerful, poisonous shot with your bow that explodes in toxic damage upon impact. Skill details- 55 mana, 2 sec. cool-down, 14m range, 71-88 damage + poison damage every second for 3 seconds
Lingering poison- douse your bolt in a more potent poison to cause added harm to its victim. Skill details- adds 3 sec to the duration of poison damage
Strengthened shot- release a shot that is decimated upon impact, causing additional poison to be unleashed. Skill details- increases the area of a charged noxious bolt to 6 meters
Fragmentation- utilize splintering bolts that break apart upon impact. Skill details- each second a target is damaged by noxious bolt/s poison, they receive additional 10% damage.
Serrated arrowhead- utilize jagged arrowheads to deliver a deeper, debilitating wound with each shot. Skill details- impact damage for each noxious bolt is increased by 15%

Razor shield– utilize a barrage of daggers that removes immobilizing effects and damages foes around you. Skill details- 67.5 mana, 20 sec. cool-down, 3m range, 25-31 damage every second for 5 seconds.
Whirling razors- you use your razor shield to your advantage, making it easier to dodge incoming attacks. Skill details- increase dodge by 10% while razor shield is active.
Bleeding cuts- the charged version of razor shield causes the target to bleed from many small cuts. Skill details- charging razor shield will grant a 25% chance to cause the target to bleed for 5 seconds.
Increased duration- through training, the rogue has learned to keep the razor shield active for a greater length of time. Skill details- razor shield will stay active for an additional 3 seconds .
Spinning freedom- when activated, a charged razor shield will remove all movement impairing effects on you. Skill details- charging razor shield will remove all snare, root, and slow effects from the caster.

Aimed shot– focus your aim on a single target and unleash a powerful ranged bow attack. Skill details- 55 mana, 2 sec. cool-down, 14m range, 92-114 damage + increased damage on a critical.
Accuracy- your aimed shot will attack will do more damage when it strikes the target. Skill details- damage from each successful aimed shot attack is increased by 10%.
Critical shot- critical strikes with aimed shot will do significantly more damage. Skill details- when you achieve a critical hit with an aimed shot, the damage will be increased 250%.
Deadly focus- by focusing on the target, the rogue greatly increases her chance to score critical hits for a short period of time. Skill details- increases critical chance by 10% for the next 5 seconds.
Shatter armor- shatters a targets armor for a short period of time. Skill details- targets armor is reduced by 15% for 5 seconds.

Entangling trap- throw down a carefully constructed trap that entangles enemies who walk over it. Skill details- 42.5 mana, 10 sec. cool-down, 0.25m range, 25-31 damage + increased damage on a critical.
Adept construction- increase the speed you create an entangling trap, allowing you to create another one more quickly. Skill details- after creating an entangling trap, you have a 20% chance of being able to immediately create another one.
Razor wire- deploy a barbed wire version of your trap that causes enemies to receive barbed damage. Skill details- enemies that go through your trap will receive bleeding damage over time.
Combustion tank- cause your deployed trap to explode once decayed, damaging enemies near it. Skill details- each entangling trap that is triggered by an enemy will explode upon decay, dealing high damage to enemies within range of it.
Net refraction- entangle foes in your trap upon activation, causing them to have more difficulty getting away. Skill details- each trap that you deploy has a 20% chance of casting out a net that pulls targets within range of it.

Marked prey: overwhelm anenemy with a series or marking darts, reducing their overall combat effectiveness. Skill details- 0 mana, 0 sec. cool-down, 14m range, 0-0 damage + increased damage on a critical.

Shadow veil– throw down a shadow bomb that disorientates the enemies around you. Skill details- 42.5 mana, 20 sec. cool-down, 0.25m range, enemies within the smoke have reduced damage and hit chance.
Masked presence- cloak yourself with the protection of your bombs smoke to more easily defeat your foes. Skill details- staying in your shadow veil bombs smoke will increase any armor by 20% this buff also applies to any ally of yours that stands in the smoke.
Combusting decay- utilizes mysterious liquid in your bombs that causes their smoke to explode upon evaporating. Skill details- causes your shadow veil bomb to explode once its smoke has run out.
Shadow absorption- harness the smoke around you to more easily cast your shadow-based skills. Skill details- reduces the base mana cost of your shadow veil and shadow piercer abilities by 50%
Lingering fumes= throw a more powerful bomb that lasts for a longer period of time. Skill details- adds 3 seconds to the duration of your shadow veil bomb’s smoke

Combat medic- throw down packs that heal allies who walk over them. Skill details- 42.5 mana, 15 sec. cool-down, throw down healing packs that restore 25% health when picked up
Effective packs- every pack you throw down has increased healing. Skill details- increase amount of damage that each pack heals to 15%
Trama surgeon- charging your combat medic will also provide a self-heal when throwing out packs. Skill details- charged combat medic will provide a self-heal for the caster
Extra packs- your increased skill allows you to toss down an extra healing pack. skill details- increase the amount of packs created when using combat medic by 1
Good medicine- charging your combat medic allows the healing effects of the packs to linger on the target. Skill details- the charged version of combat medic will add heal-over-time benefits to the target

And a HUGE thank you to Aracnus and Razerfingers, for who without which I could not have done this (quite literally, for I only have a warrior!)

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