Arcane Legends Rogue PvP Guide

Arcane Legends Rogue PvP Guide by D-:

Table of Contents

I – Gear
II – Skills
III – Combos
IV – Prices


Before I show you this, the gear will not be equip, it will show you the stats to the gear once everything is equip.

L16 Agile Ranger Cloak of Will

L16 Agile Lifethiefs of Potency

L16 Agile Leather of Savvy

Enchanted Loop of Potency

Fabulous Amulet of Brutality

Once everything above is equip, this is what it should look like.


Here is what my current skill build looks like…

This is what I use, but there are other builds you can use. A popular build besides mine is a healing build. You would take away 2 point in Razer Shield and put them in heal. What most would do is put the extra point from Razer into extra packs for heal.

Now I will show you what points I have invested in Noxious Bolt, and Razer shield. (The other 2 I have invested into is quite self explanatory, 1/5 Shadow Pierce and 5/5 Aimed Shot.)

The reason I chose Noxious differently is because I personally like the extra 15% hit on Nox instead of more damage, I also chose 3 seconds more poison because if they are low on health, that could kill them after you die.

For Razer Shield, I put a skill point in that because of 20% Dodge.


Rogues – CHARGED Aimed Shot, CHARGED Noxious Bolt, Shadow Pierce
*The reason I don’t charge shadow pierce is because it wastes time. 2 Charged attacks is enough for a rogue.
*Dont charge auto attack.

Warriors – CHARGED Aimed Shot, CHARGED Razer Shield, Charged Auto Attack
*Repeat charged Aimed and Auto Attack.
*When you charge an Auto Attack for Rogues, it has a chance to stun them, and stunning can be your best friend vs a Warrior. Especially a good one like Punishments.
*The reason I don’t use Noxious Bolt is because it is a waste of mana and you need Aimed Shot more.

Mages – CHARGED Aimed Shot, Shadow Pierce
*This combo can usually kill a Mage 1st try. Better mages, such as Suspence, have better skill with mages, and aren’t easily defeated. Watch for them.


For about the FULL set of this, I recommend going to “Xegend” or “Saber” for some of this gear. He sells most of this stuff cheaper than most merchants in AL. It cost me about 390k for all of this, but I’ve noticed prices have gone WAY up for most of this stuff because Rogues at 16 are becoming more popular by the day. The cost for today is about 450k-550k. Depending on the Merch.

That’s about it. I know I’m probably not the best rogue out there, but I thought I’d make a guide on this just to help some beginners out if needed.

Good luck!
-Lost (Verzy)

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